Jessica Szohr Boyfriend, Dating and Affair

Posted On: 09 Oct, 2014

Jessica Szohr Boyfriend, Dating and Affair

Quick Facts

Date of Birth March 31, 1985
Age 36 Years 5 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Husband/Spouse Not Yet
Boyfriend Scotty McKnight
Ethnicity Multiracial
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Not Yet
Body Measurements 32-23-32 inches
Net Worth $4 Million Dollars
Height 5 feet 5 inches(165 cm)
Weight 125 lbs (56.7 kg)
Children/Kids Not Yet

Yes! Yes! Yes! “Happy Gossiping Program” has arrived home again and on this special day, let’s start with some tiny-winy chit-chat about the on-again, off-again couple Ed Westwick, best known for playing the pleasure-seeking plus antagonistic and anti-heroic character of Chuck Bass in the popular young adult novel series Gossip girl and Jessica Szohr, best known for playing the freakish and unconventional role of Vanessa Abrams in the Gossip Girl as well. And in real life, both of them have become the most talked about couple of the country in a  periodical manner  at different points of time in the past to present i.e. they dated in 2008 and their relationship crossed a breakeven point in early 2010, which was the time of their break-up. Now, it is highly believed that they are dating each other again and there are some really strong evidences as well to prove so. Also, Vanessa dated NFL Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in 2011 and ended her relationship with him in mutual understanding in the same year because of their busy time schedule and professional life.

Guessingly, it was believed that ex- boyfriend Aaron and Jessica were dating each other even after their break up but these sorts of crazy hoaxes proved to be wrong after a set of events in the year 2014. Nevertheless, these set of events are the reason why we are writing this gossip article and why we are emphasizing on the evidences part so much.

Everybody knows that reality is like a line that runs along continually and therefore what happened yesterday or four years ago between Vanessa and Ed or Vanessa and Aaron  is just a past because we are living in today on the ever flowing line of reality. So, what is important in this changing world is what we do recently or today. Recently, and by recently we mean in 2013, then 28 year old Jessica and then 27 year old Ed were seen together for two occasions wearing similar clothes (by similar we mean casual and easygoing) and in both the occasion both of the stars were really comfortable in each other company.

The first talked about occasion when the rumored couple was seen together publicly after their long break-up was on a day of August in 2013 at a Whole Foods Market in West Hollywood.  On that day, the American media and paparazzi spotted the couple at the food market enjoying grocery shopping with each other. However, both of them being an expert on avoiding paparazzi and media decided to go in and out separately and never comment about their relationship. But who can beat the American entertainment media? The news within hours floated all over the media and on internet virally.

The next occasion when the rumored couple was seen together was soon after a month of the first occasion i.e. in September of 2013 at Jersey’s Mike in West Hollywood. Again, the couples were spotted together coming out of the sandwich chain Jersey carrying packed sandwiches and drinks.

Still, it can be verified weather they are dating each other again or not until the official news flies in. Also, Ed in 2012 has publicly stated in the media that he is a happy single man. But, these evidences are of 2013 and they strongly point towards their strong chemistry as in both the occasion both of the actors were makeup free and in comfortable dresses. Anyhow, it can’t be a case of buddies hanging out together because they are fellow co-worker and ex-partner to each other and ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend doesn’t go grocery shopping together unless they are living together. Or, do they?

In addition to these two evidences, the fact that they were seen together all over Chicago in the same year when they had their break up and when they were supposed to attend Lollapalooza music festival separately, proves that they have strong feelings for each other. Be that as it may, their feelings for each other may have originated since the year 2002 as both of them have been before each other eyes as a co-star of each other for Gossip Girl since then.

Anyway, both of their fans want them to get married soon and be a loving husband and wife of each other. Now, it’s about time weather their relationship turns into a happy ending or get written in the book of history as a highly controversial affair. Factfully, the major reason of their break-up in the past was their busy professional career and even if they are not dating now, their busy professional life is the first and foremost barrier of their relationship.

Now, moving on to her physical sex appeal, she is a hot woman with perfect body measurements of 32-25-32 inches and fit athletic body. Nevertheless, she is recognized as one of the hottest woman in the industry thanks to her “balanced exercise and diet strategy” to stay in good health and fit at the same time. With the height of 5 feet and 5 inches, she is surely not one of the tallest woman in the industry, not even close, but she is regarded as one of the magnetic actress of the industry because of her rich ethnic background and acting talents, blue mesmerizing eyes, toned long legs, meaty thighs, athletic fit body, high fashion sense, easy-going personality, and last but not the least, due to her appealing hobbies like snowboarding, hiking, yoga and soccer.

Anyway, this gossip article would be too small to talk about each of the 11 tattoos on her body but the most recognized and worth mentioning are her grandparent’s anniversary on her left arm and a cherub on her foot. 

Being this level of awesome personality and talented actress, no wonder she has estimated net worth of around 145 million U.S dollar.

Moreover, except her acting career, she is into modeling and thus, her past to present modeling and acting pictures are viral online and bound to be viral in the future. We would suggest you to go to Google image search to find more about her modeling career plus nude shots and bikini shots. Yes! She has featured in number of   ad-camp gains and reputed magazines and also has given the world sweet and sexy gift of couple of nude shots and bikini shots. 

Fortunately, we normal human being can connect her on Twitter although she isn't a great fan of social networking sites. She always preferred real world to virtual world and thus was absent on Twitter or Instagram until 2011. But now, she has realized that these social networking sites are important for every person especially for the person in the showbiz industry to connect to his or her fans.

Her twitter tweet name is @iamjessicaszohr and her twitter description is given as:

It’s taken me long enough, but finally jumped on board, this is the OFFICIAL twitter of Jessica!

Other wiki on Jessica and Ed and their popular movies can be accessed via their respective Wikipedia’s biography. Moreover, one can contact their respective twitter id to get instant tweets about their current work. Having said that, I would like to end this article on an endnote and that is:

“Don’t forget to check her numerous fansites on the internet if you are her fan.”

An interesting wiki about her:  Her school days are one of the most remembering days of her life as at her school, she played soccer, rushed to student council and at the same time participated in cheerleading squad of the school.