Liz Cho Evan Plastic Surgery

Posted On: 19 Mar, 2014

Liz Cho Evan Plastic Surgery

Quick Facts

Date of Birth December 19, 1970
Age 50 Years 2 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession News Anchor
Husband/Spouse Evan Gottlieb (m. 2008)
Boyfriend Josh Elliott (Rumor)
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Partner N/A
Divorced? Yes (2012)
Married Yes
Height 1.70 m

If you say you only pay attention to the news when Liz Cho is on TV anchoring, then doesn’t that imply you are lying? It is the most rhetorical type of question by me trying to state how hot she is. 

You have seen her in WABC-TV or if you haven’t, you may have seen her pictures on the internet.  She looks somewhat like middle-eastern, but her surname is Korean and doesn’t sound like a Korean.

The reality is she has a hybrid look because her father is Korean American and her mother is Jewish. She follows both Korean and Jewish tradition religiously.

Her husband name is, Evan Gottlieb, who is also a Jew.  She is  American by nationality and Korean and Jewish by ethnicity. She can enjoy different cultural background because of her father and mother. She has kept her surname as Cho even after her marriage. She filed a divorce in 2012, and we guess she is now probably divorced.  

I don’t want to define her appearance stereotypically. But her Jewish background explains her hook nose antisemitic appearance. Her eyes, cheekbone, and thick black hair give her an Asian look as well.

But now a strong rumor suggests that she has done a plastic surgery on her nose, a nose job you might say. And she hasn’t disclosed it in media. But people guess by the new look of her nose.

You can find the answer by yourself; just compare her old photos with the new ones. Anyway, she still looks hot and delicious.

She is a tall hot woman with a height of five feet and six inches. She usually in a hot way kills the dress she wears. She gets too sexy when she wears a tight dress, and those long legs do the rest of the sex appeal along with her tight back-side.

If you were looking for details about her relationship status or if you wanted a biography written on her that analyze her overall relationship status,  you have come to the right place. Yes, she is in a messy stage of a relationship.

Rumor has it; Liz and her husband Evan Gottilieb are already divorced now.  Liz moved out of the house in June or July 2012.

Conflict in the house started probably in early 2012, nearly about 3 months before Liz moved out and if it was not for their daughter, Louisa Simone Gottlieb, they did probably divorce each other a long time ago, a source said.

But now this thing even gets messy when media doesn’t leave her alone. A strong rumor concludes she is dating Josh Elliot of the show “Good Morning America” and   Liz and Josh started meeting on a daily basis after Liz and Evan's marriage spilled.

But most of the people think Liz and Evan praised each other even before, and there was already something going on between them from a long time.

This gossip doesn’t end here. Further rumor has it Josh is dating multiple women recently, and Liz and Josh aren't that much of a couple as described in the media.

What is common between both of them is they both went through a divorce situation, and they both have a daughter each. Josh is just recovering from a divorce case and devotes most of the time between his work and his ex-wife Priya Narang's home to meet his daughter Sarina.

The rumor of Josh and Liz dating started when people saw Josh being picked up near to Liz Upper West Side Apartment. There are probably a lot of things going on inside these two adults mind.

But Josh seems more troubled from this situation. Many reports highlight Josh not being able to calm himself in the set and yelling to staffers there. Also, it is said that Josh has a trust issue and needs people to confirm him on how wonderful he is constant.

We don’t know how the relationship of Josh and Liz will go on, but we are aware Josh is a hard worker and always serious towards his work. We hope the seriousness, this time, helps him recover from the trust issue he has with a female.

He had a bad childhood, and he sometimes gets messy. We cannot conclude at this point about Liz and Josh dating each other seriously, but we can say if they dated each other more seriously, they could work things out.

She got more popular when she got listed in “50 most beautiful people" by People Magazine in 2003. Indeed she is a beautiful woman and a star of the local TV channel.

We wish her all the best and appreciate her cute, funny and sexy attitude.  

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