Megyn Kelly Husband, Married and Divorce

Posted On: 24 May, 2014

Megyn Kelly Husband, Married and Divorce

Quick Facts

Date of Birth November 18, 1970
Age 50 Years 7 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Television Personality
Husband/Spouse Douglas Brunt, Daniel Kendall (ex-husband)
Boyfriend Not Yet
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Yes (One Time)
Married Yes
Body Measurements 35-25-36 (Bust-Waist-Hips)
Net Worth $15 million dollar
Height 1.68 m
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Edward Yates Brunt (Son), Yardley Evans Brunt (Daughter) Thatcher Bray Brunt (Son)

46 years old, gorgeous blond with short hair, Megyn Kelly, has been a strong and bold woman in her entire life yet her feminine side is much more powerful and magnetic. She now works for the Fox News Channel as a news reporter/ hosts, if you don’t know who she is.

She best describes herself as being a conservative in some things and not in others. However, she is not a follower of liberalism.  If she were, she would be working for MSNBC.

Don’t you think? It’s fascinating to see her views on the issues like maternity leave, Affordable Care ACT or Obamacare.

Anyway, moving on now, she has proved herself as little different from her FNC conservative counterparts.

She doesn’t hesitate to use her own knowledge when talking about an issue rather following a distinct conservative ideology. Beauty with brains, Kelly has taught an important lesson that one should have their own stand in his or her life.

Her married life is equally successful like her professional one. She is enjoying her married life with loving husband, Douglas Brunt.

The couple married in 2008 when Douglas was the President and Ceo of Authentium. Currently, he is a full-time writer and novelist. She is proud of her husband and likes to listen to her husband writings and novels.

It’s not that every marriage turns out to be this successful. Even, the bold and impeccable Kelly, first marriage with her first husband D.R. Daniel Kendall wasn’t successful. 

Daniel and Kelly divorce in 2006 didn’t come as a shock to viewers as the rumors about the couple not getting along started coming from shortly after Daniel and Kelly married.

We aren’t sure about Kelly’s past affairs. Anyway, during a discussion of the Department of Justice's investigations into journalists in 2013 on FNC, she made a statement regarding cheating partners which may imply she has dated other men as well except Douglas and Kendell.

Answering the question “Have you ever caught somebody cheating on you?" during the discussion, she replied she has, but it’s not her current husband. She also explained how one behaves when they get caught off.

Anyway, was she talking about her ex-husband Daniel or was she talking about someone else? The answer to these questions is only known by her. There are no any dating rumors about Kelly in the media.

So for now, it is safe to say, she is having a hot affair with no other than her husband Douglas, and  she incredibly loves her boyfriend turned husband Douglas. 

Moreover, her sex appeal is extremely high. So for now, it is safe to say, she is having a hot affair with no other than her husband Douglas, and  she extremely loves her boyfriend turned husband Douglas, with whom she has had three children. She is living happily married life with her four babies, the one baby being her husband.

Comparing the sex appeal of all Fox News women, she may fall on top 5 because she is an all-rounder. An all-rounder in a sense, she is extremely hot with that hourglass shaped body and a good height of 5 feet and six inches.

She knows how to carry herself and how to make her male fans want more cleavage of her thighs by just exposing the right amount. Her sense of humor is good; she backs her points with examples and can discuss any news by the in-depth way.

So, when she talks, she can talk what you want to hear at times, but don’t expect her to say what you support all the time because she speaks from her knowledge and experiences. She was in her high school’s basketball and field hockey teams and, captioned the Bethlehem Central High School’s cheerleading squad. Moreover, she has worked as an attorney for nine years for Jones Day. 

Not only this, but she has also posed for GQ magazines and other magazines as well. Just imagine the level of achievement her pretty looking innocence face has had.  So, one can judge by his/her own way and answer the question, is she sexy or not?

Well, I think, being sexy differs from person to person. But, the fact is when she walks; her toned legs never go un-noticed. She follows her own customized diet and exercise plans, which has helped her to look gorgeous.

Analyzing her past and present achievements as an attorney and reporter/host/newsreader, it’s no doubt that her present salary at Fox is high.

Her present salary is speculated to be 6 million dollars per year, or more and her net worth is speculated to be 15 million dollars or more.

Despite being pregnant for three-time till now, she still looks fit and refreshing. Her career is in progressing stage and in each passing years, she has been successful in setting a new height of rating standards on Fox, no matter which ever shows she does.

One can always find her on twitter and facebook, where is extremely popular. An interesting wiki about her would be, she thinks differently than her old professor dad, who is a liberal, about how she should choose her career goals.

Tonight I am thinking of you and sending all my love and best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Could the beloved soap opera #DaysofOurLives be canceled for #MegynKelly’s new NBC gig?

She may not be a tall supermodel or an actress, but she sure is a role model for everyone and an inspiring actress of her own life.

We can firmly say that she is not a racist. Also, what she meant by Jesus and Santa being white was in a different context. We think she learned from those controversies, anyway.