Alanna Rizzo | Biography

Posted On: 15 May, 2014

Alanna Rizzo | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth 1974 - 1975
Nationality American
Profession Journalist
Husband/Spouse N/A
Ethnicity White
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Yes
Body Measurements 36-23-35 inch (approx.)
Net Worth N/A
Height 5 feet and 7 inche

Alanna Rizzo born around 1974 - 1975 is a sports reporter, and she is recently working as a broadcast team on ‘SportsNetLA’ with the ‘LosAngeles Dodgers.'

She is one of the attractive media people that we can see in the sports news; her strength to express the news in the peculiar fashion and to the point is one of the reasons behind her success.

Her dedication towards Journalism is outstanding that is why we can see that she is so focused on her ambition.

At very early age, she was passionate about her goals no matter what it takes she was the one who insists on being a reporter. After all, she joined the University of Colorado and did master in Broadcast Journalism.

After completing her master, she began her career as a sports reporter and worked in a reputed sports news agency.

Her intellectual way to communicate as a reporter, who has a pleasing smile, who is hot and sexy, are some of the positive attributes that bonds her with the people.

She got her first job on MLB Network where she did the shows like ‘Quick Pitch’ and ‘International Talk’ in early 2012. She also worked in Fox Sports Rocky Mountain and Root Sports Rocky Mountain as a reporter, and after remaining the dominant figure in the media, she won the ‘Emmy Awards.'

In every game when she hosts she has been described as ‘Eye Candy’ because of her distinct way of addressing the game that makes the match more absorbing to the lookout.

When she is taking the interview to the player or making a commentary she has the skills to interact in real effective sense along with entertainment that she provides talking about the beauty of the game.

Later on for 2014 season, she joined Sports Net LA, with the broadcast team Los Angeles Dodgers.

Now the organization launching the 24/7 Dodgers channel that will be launch in 25th of February and among the crew members Rizzo is also is the one who got selected to host the program.

There are no much of the private details revealed by any sources; only limited information about her has been exposed during the review. The only thing known is that she is married to Justin Kole.

Her husband works as a hotel executive in a reputed hotel in the area. Since there have not been any issues regarding divorce, the relationship with her husband is strong, and they are living rapturous life.

There has not been any record in the media regarding her past personal happenings about relationship and affair with others May be because she is not old tradition type of woman, could be because she is likely to have focused on her emotions and feelings that stop her in creating bad consequences.

Alanna Rizzo with her very friendly personality, admiring looks, slim long legs, pretty feet, appreciable height and well-built body arrest the attention to the audiences.

She poses tall built of height 5 feet and 7 inches and never fails to charm her audiences while hosting the program.

There is no much information about her like her fans wants to know about her biography which is rare on the internet, even the information provided by wiki is not so comprehensive.

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But we can get in touch with her in Twitter and Facebook where we get to see her uploaded pictures as well as her latest updates.