Alex Russell | Biography

Posted On: 09 Oct, 2014

Alex Russell | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth September 11, 1987
Age 33 Years 1 Month(s)
Nationality Australian
Profession Actor
Wife/Spouse Not Yet
Girlfriend Portia Doubleday
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? No
Married Not yet
Net Worth $3 Million Dollars
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Not yet

"The funniest thing is when people say what drew you to attach to Chronicle and my answer is like – I needed a job. But the truth of it is if I was Daniel Day Lewis and Chronicle had landed on my desk, I would have responded in the same way. Before a certain point I would have said yes to anything, and I don’t think there’s a single actor in the world who wouldn’t have felt like that in their career, usually very early on. So I just thank my lucky stars that I got cast in anything. And then I thank those lucky stars again because everything I’ve ever been a part of I’m really proud of." - Alex Russell

Born on December 11, 1987, Queensland native aspiring Australian actor Alex Rusell is the happiest man alive as of 2014 in view of the fact that he has successfully transitioned from a jobless stage in 2011 to his recent busy work schedule as of 2014. Man with a well-known straightforward and attitude-less personality, Alex is best known for his badass roles in the movies Chronicle, a found footage style American Science fiction movie about telekinesis (2012) and Carrie, an American supernatural horror film, which is the third adaptation of Stephen King’s 1974 novel Carrie and yet another telekinetic movie but this time it’s about a teenage girl taking revenge with people telekinetically for their bad deeds and bullying.

Moreover, Chronicle is his first American movie and the most successful movie of his entire Australian and American movie career. Nevertheless, he made his first debut in Australian acting industry in 2010 with the lead role of the repulsive bully, wealthy antagonist plus popular high school student Zack  in Ben C. Lucas first feature  film “Wasted  on the Young”, which is about a story of teenage high school students. The film in overall gets a good critical response for its appreciable projection of Australian plutocratic society despite of its less budget and dependency on young raw talents. Also, the film gets positive reviews for its throbbing soundtrack, complex editing and talented casts.

A graduate from Rockhampton Grammer School in Australia, Alex was out of big movie projects in the year 2011 and back then, he had to satisfy his acting hunger with his supporting roles in two short Australian movies namely Almost Kings, a film about a young freshman exploring the dark sides of his idol older brother and the corruption in the popular group of his brother and brother’s friend called The King and The Best Man, a film about tragedy of every best man.

In 2012, he moves to the dreamland that we know as the United States of America to explore his acting potentialities and his decision to move to U.S.A proves to be a rewarding one as the movie Chronicle happened in the same year although he didn’t used any telekinesis ability to find the role or move to U.S.A. After moving to U.S.A, he decides to struggle for some time taking on any jobs he could find to support his economic needs while perusing his acting career. Meanwhile, during the process of searching for jobs he stays on a couch in his friend apartment for months. But, soon his life was going to change as Chronicle team finds the actor suitable for the role of rough and evolving character of Matt Garetty in Chronicle due to his specialty of playing dark and rough roles such as Zack in Wasted on the Young.

In 2014, he never had to go through lack of work as he was flooded with projects by reputed Australian and American filmmakers given his success in Chronicle. As of 2013, his supporting roles in the movies like Australian movie Bait 3d and American movies The Host and Carrie have successfully established him as an aspiring actor both in Australia and U.S.A.

Yes! One can say 2014 is going to be the most productive year for the 26 year old actor in terms of exploring more diverse roles as his upcoming movies such as Believe me, Cut Snake and Un-broken are highly anticipated. Moreover, in the upcoming American comedy drama film Believe me, he is again following his tendency of choosing bad-ass roles with the lead role of Sam but in a loving and charming way this time. In the movie, Sam is a smart, handsome and charming college senior who along with his friends work on a shamming idea to earn money in the process of coping with their tuition bills, but at some point in time in the movie, Sam falls in love with a girl and this affection changes the whole story.

Plus, his next movie this year i.e. Australian thriller movie Cut Snake comprising of himself,  Breakthrough award  winner Australian actor Sulvan Stapleton (best known for playing the lead role of  Greek leader Themistocles in the film 300: Rise of an Empire  in 2014) and  Australian actress Jessica De Gouw (best known for portraying the role of Mina Murray in the NBC TV series, Dracula) , is elected to be screened in the reputed  Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

And, last but not the least, his this year next movie project i.e. American war drama  film that tells  a story of some Olympics athletes during the World War II, Unbroken,  directed by Angelina Jolie, which is based on the 2010 non-fiction book by Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, is eagerly awaited by both the fans and the critics. Believe it or not presents you one of the busiest actors of this century, Alex Russel. In addition to these three movie projects in 2014, he is already lined up and preparing for his upcoming movies in 2015 namely Prisoner of War and Pacific Stander Time and television series Galyntine. 

 Other wiki on his professional life can be extracted from Wikipedia’s biography on him.  

Interested and involved in acting since his early age, Alex as of 2014 has moved far away from the early steps to stardom and now, he is an established actor and one of the big names in Australian movie industry. Surely, he has made his parents proud and lived up to their reputation. Furthermore, his father is a popular Australian surgeon Dr. Andree Russell and his loving interior designer mother name is Frances Russell.

Given to the fact that Alex was a normal and simple guy in his high school, he has done amazingly well starring as the role of repulsive bully in the movie Wasted on the Young. This proves how talented he is as an actor. Over and above that, his younger brother Dominic who is also interested in acting and younger sister Georgina will definitely take their older brother as a strong source of inspiration and influence for what he has done till now.


“My family are my favourite people in the world and I would like to become successful so I could take care of them,”

-Alex Russel

Now moving on to his is body configuration, he is a hunky man with strong arms, build up abs and athletic body. It is a known fact that he was known as “the porker” in his school days because his young day’s major dream was to have muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean Claude van Damme, so he ate like crazy back then. Fulfilling this dream, he has made an awesome body over the years and now, his name comes in the list of the Hollywood Hunks as of 2014. No wonder, fit Alex and his beautiful plus super-sexy actress girlfriend Portia Doubleday (with slender hourglass shaped body) make one of the most good looking celebrity couple of this century. One is suggested to check out the couple’s Los Angeles kissing pictures, which was clicked in 2012 while both of them were at The Grove for holiday shopping. Plus, both of them look classy and stylish in the pictures and in the pictures one can see 5 feet 5 inches Portia raising her head to kiss her tall boyfriend of height 5 feet and 10 inches with no problem and Alex holding the gorgeous actress and her left hand with his left hand and probably coffee and car key with his right hand. No wonder, they are deeply in love with each other. The links to the pictures are given below:


Furthermore, the couple first met on the set of Carrie in 2012 and in fact, these two love birds played the role of each other love interests in the movie Carrie and both the role sole mission in the movie was to hurt Carrie. What a way to start chemistry! Anyway, it is said that they instantly connected with each other on the set of the movie soon after their first meeting.

Probably, Alex and Portia aren’t getting married anytime soon because both of them are busy working on their respective career right now. Anyway, no other wife, gay or dating rumors have been identified about the actor because he has none.

Furthermore, if you are wondering about his net worth, it’s probably below 10 million American dollars as he is recently at the peak of his career. But still, the figure is likely going to increase by large number given his increasing popularity and work on movie projects. Last but not the least; one can connect the actor via social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get timely information about his ongoing works.

Now, it’s time to talk about his ethnicity and nationality and on that note, the word Australian can be used to describe both the word. Truly, Alex has got potential to be one of the greatest actor of this century as he has everything from balanced external factors such as good family relationship and upbringing that could come handy while coping work stress, a beautiful super, sexy and popular girlfriend standing beside him weather it’s happy or sad days plus a good image as an actor in front of American and Australian critics and media  to highly important internal factors such as right amount of passion needed for  acting that reduces overconfidence, real-life simple guy personality but he knows what’s going in town and is familiar about the progressing world, intense experience of playing lots of badass roles, since-early day high creativity and imagination that every actor would desire and involvement in acting since his school days plus praise-worthy acting education from NIDA in Australia.

On an ending note, would like to praise the actor for never giving up acting despite of shortage of work in his struggling time and also for following acting with all the passion and hard-work he could possibly input. This again proves, a seed even if it’s good doesn’t grow overnight: all the seed need is time: time to grow as a crop with the help of proper light, water and soil and in this scenario, Alex is a crop now who has no worries about soil, sunlight or water but the only thing he needs to focus now is about   evolving himself as an actor.

Note to the actor:  Hello Alex, You need to appeal ladies as well, it’s not always about the critics. Seriously man! You are out of shirtless pictures since Carrie and that Carrie kissing shirtless picture is too out of date. Plus, women fans would like to see your build up body as in Carrie you weren’t that build up like you are now. Also, you have got a nice red lips, short well maintained hair; build up body and both good boy/bad boy looks. Physically, you are perfection. Reveal yourself soon or girls are going to rip your shirt when you are walking alone at some point in time.