Beth Chapman Hot, Boobs and Weight Loss

Posted On: 31 Mar, 2014

Beth Chapman Hot, Boobs and Weight Loss

Quick Facts

Date of Birth April 06, 1962
Age 58 Years 9 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Politician
Husband/Spouse Duane Lee Chapman (m. 2006)
Boyfriend N/A
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Yes
Height 1.63 m
Children/Kids Lyssa Rae Chapman (daughter), Cecily Chapman (daughter), Bonnie Chapman (daughter), Dominic Davis (son), Garry Chapman (son)

Mrs. Beth Chapman, aka Beth Smith as whose birth name is Alice Elizabeth Smith, was born on Oct 29, 1969, in Denver, Colorado, USA. She is currently 47 years old. Her father was Garry Smith, the professional Baseball player for the Kansas City Athletics.

When she was 29 years old, she became the youngest licensed bail bondsman in Colorado history which has been broken by Lyssa Chapman, her step-daughter since; Lyssa became a licensed bounty hunter at the age of 19.

When Beth was young, she used to work for a Colorado senator in the late 1980s and during that time, one day when she went to a grocery store to buy lemons, she got caught for shoplifting the fruits and went to jail.

It was then when she first met with Duane Chapman, who was her bail bondsman. Later they got married in 20 may 2006.

At that time it was Duane “Dog” Chapman’s fifth marriage and Beth’s second marriage. Beth’s first marriage was with ex-husband Keith A. Barmore on 26 Aug 1991 and got divorced and has a son named Dominic Smith. She has a daughter Cecily Baltimore Chapman aka Cecily Chapman.

She still is married to her husband Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman with whom she got two children; a daughter Bonnie Joanne Chapman, and a son Garry Chapman.

Beth was talking to Duane about divorce that he wouldn’t get divorced again; they wouldn’t divorce! She wouldn’t let it happen again!

Beth Chapman has a weight of around 180 pounds and a height of 5 feet 7 inches (nearly 6 feet). She has reduced her massive weight and after her weight loss, now her body size seems to be 42 breast, 24 Waist, and 32 Hips.

Her bra size has to be custom made as her cup size reported to be an M. She has huge boobs, and they are real as her huge breast were moving and vibrating when she was walking for the country music award on the red carpet.

They won’t move or vibrate much if not real or silicon pumped boobs. They are so hot and actual.

Once her nude pictures in the Playboy magazine became the news and it went viral on the internet, but it was a good example of poorly done bad photo-shopped pictures in the net.

Even naked eyes could differentiate it with a real one. On wiki feet, her feet are rated as Nice, and there, it hasn’t mentioned which shoe size she wears.

According to her, the secret of her weight loss was beyond just changing dieting habits. She had to change her lifestyle completely.

Her husband had helped her in many ways by motivating her and keeping her on goals of weight loss to achieve, and sticking herself, thinking herself every day to get rid of extra pounds was working on with her changing belief, and that wasn’t easy after all. Some even wondered that she might have lost weight by surgery.

However, she was on a strict diet plan and work out every day with hard work and determination. It was just that pure and straightforward.

Beth Chapman is a producer in TV shows Dog, the Bounty Hunter (2003), Dog: The family speaks (2006), Dog and Beth; On the hunt (2013).

She has been living in Hawaii since 1989. She has residences in Hawaii, and Castle Rock, Colorado. She also worked as a Gymnast, Ice-skater, waitress, nightclub singer, and a clerk besides bounty hunter and a bail bondsman.

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