Brent Musburger | Biography

Posted On: 22 Aug, 2014

Brent Musburger | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth May 26, 1939
Age 81 Years 9 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Sportscaster
Wife/Spouse Arlene Sander
Girlfriend No
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Yes
Net Worth $1 Million Dollars
Height 188 cm
Weight 135 lbs
Children/Kids Blake Musburger, Scott Musburger

Brent Woody Musburger was born in May 26, 1939 in Portland, Oregon. He is a sportscaster in ESPN as well as in ABC television. He is also a voice actor and an actor. During 1950s, he worked as an umpire in minor league baseball.

He has started his career as a sportswriter in Chicago American newspaper. He wrote a column which was the protest against racial injustice in the United States. He has written that column during the 1968 Summer Olympics. He has also written the article in The New York Times in 1999 about the comparison between two “Nazis”. he never give apology to what he has written despite the fact that it created a lot of controversies. He worked in CBS in 1968 as a sports anchor in WBBM radio. He later shifted to WBBM-TV and worked there for 22 years.

He worked in CBS Sports from 1973 to 1990. During this time, he worked as a color commentator for National Football League games. He worked as a NFL play by play in 1975. Although he remained there for a long period of time, he became popular after he joined The NFL Today. During his time, NFL program became number 1 pregame show. He became one of the popular sportscaster in CBS in late 1980s. he got the opportunity to become the main host as well as play by play announcer in NBA Finals, college football, college basketball College World Series and Belmont Stakes. Because of his popularity, he was also given the chance to host the New Year’s Eve countdown in CBS. He is the first broadcaster to apply the term March Madness in the annual NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Division.

Because of the significant management change in CBS during 1990, Masburger was fired from the company. After that, he joined ABC as well as he also got chance to work with ESPN. As ABC has merged with ESPN, he got the chance to work in horse racing, golf tournaments, ABC Sports divisions, ESPN Radio as well as NBA games. He was also seen in soccer games, college football, Little League World Series and even in some NFL games. We have also seen him as the main studio host during 1998 World Cup as well as 2006 World Cup.

He has the ability to speak in the manner that everyone will like that. He seemed to be very much attached to his viewers as he mostly addressed them as “folks”.  In his career, he also worked as a reporter in Rocky II. He also appeared in the movies such as “The Main Event”, “Cars 2”, “The Waterboy” and “Planes”.

He is relatively tall with the height of 6 feet 2 inch. He has reached the age of 75 from 2014. He is a married person who has accepted Arlene Clare as his wife. The couple has 2 children. They are married for a long period of time and they are happy as well. So, we can guess that there will be no news of their divorce. He said that he would not leave his family until he is dead.

Though he has been very popular, he has also been gotten himself into many scandals because of his comments. He said that he would be in this field until his death. During his career he has earned the net worth of $8 million in which annual salary of $1 million is also included. We have seen him from his young age and we are still seeing him. Despite of his old age, he is doing his best to entertain us. His drinking game is still famous among the youngsters.

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