Brooke Hyland | Biography

Posted On: 15 Jun, 2014

Brooke Hyland | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth January 30, 1998
Age 23 Years 1 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Singer
Husband/Spouse Not yet
Boyfriend Nolan Betts(rumored)
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Partner Not yet
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Not yet
Body Measurements N/A
Net Worth Not Disclosed
Height 4 feet 11 inches
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Not yet

Brooke Marie Hyland was born on 30th January, 1988 (her age is 16 years old) in Pennsylvania, United States of America. She was the eldest of three children born to parents Randy Hyland and Kelly Hyland. She has a younger sister and a small brother too. She is a student of Franklin Regional High School in Pennsylvania which she attends with her siblings. She is in her tenth grade right now and she has been practicing dance/ Pointe when she was 9 years old. She and her young sister Paige are both prolific dancers who used to dance at Abby Lee Miller dance Company (ALDC); a nonprofit dance organization.

abby lee miller and kelly hyland fight: There has been some stories of cat fight between Brooke’s mom Kelly and her dance teacher Abby Lee Miller in the show dance Moms. Kelly was arrested sometime earlier when she fought with Abby, accusing her to have hurt her babies behind the camera. Since that incident, the two sisters haven’t entered in the ALDC premises.

A talented dancer that she is, Brooke can perform metamorphosis easily and effectively. It is a process of dance that looks like yoga, when a dancer fully stretches and distorts his/ her body into shapes that look weird. It needs a flexible and trained body in order to perform this kind of act. Since she had successfully completed this form of dance while she was 14, she can do it even better now. You can see her videos on performing metamorphosis at

Besides being a successful dancer, she is also a good singer. Although, she didn’t try and make a career out of it, Brooke can sing really well. She had also taken music classes in her early school years but later focused more on dancing. She has got good singing voice and abilities and her friends confess to that. You can find many of her videos on the internet where she is singing. She can also dance to her songs at the same time. You can see several of her singing videos on YouTube.

Regarding her height, she is 4 feet and 11 inches tall. That was recorded in 2012, and I am pretty sure she has grown much taller now. Looking at her recent videos, she might be somewhere around 5 feet and 5 inches tall, a couple of inches short possibly. She also has a lean physique, but that might be because she is a still a child in her mid-teen years. Apart from that, she has a balanced diet and practices with dance, gym and exercises on a regular basis.

Brooke is now available on instagram. Yes you can follow her, get updated with her latest news and views and also see her pictures and videos there. Her account link is, where she has more than 500 followers already. She also has pictures from her shows, life, parties, birthdays etc.

Brooke has been caught crying on the internet on several occasions. Sometimes, it is regarding her injuries and cramps that happen during training or dance shows. She has also been caught crying when she could not make it to the finals of Junior Dancers, because of a leg injury. You can find videos of her crying on the internet as well.

To find out more about her achievements and career facts, you can probably find a lot of websites on the internet like IMDb or Wikipedia as well.