Campbell Scott | Biography

Posted On: 01 Jul, 2014

Campbell Scott | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth July 19, 1961
Age 59 Years 7 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Wife/Spouse Anne Scott(divorced), Kathleen McElfresh
Girlfriend No
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Yes(once)
Married Yes
Net Worth $1 Million Dollars
Height 180 cm
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Malcolm Scott

To follow the way of life of his talented and great parent named George C Scott and Colleen Dewhurst, He opened his creative, innocent and beautiful eyes as a son in the Scott family on 19 July 1961 in New York. He is totally going to his parents. He is a god gifted artist. As he is an actor, voice actor, director and producer, he is non-other than his name is Campbell Scott. He got talent from Lawrence University, where he graduated in drama in 1983. For the first time he appeared in 1987 in Five Corners as the role of policeman. One after another he has appeared The Sheltering Sky, The Kennedys of Massachusetts, Longtime Companion and many more. In longtime Companion, where he received the chance to appear in the leading part. During 1990's Scott Starred in several movies on TV and in film, including 1992's Dying Young and singles. In 1994's Mrs, Parker and the vicious Circle for which he gained an independent spirit award nomination. His interest entered towards a new phase in 1996 when the actor started serving as a co-producer on several tasks. Big Night a drama around the failing fortunes of an Italian restaurant directed and co-produce, and starred by him.

Let’s know about some interesting fact of him. Great voice, good face Scott height is around 1.8m, which is about 5 feet ‘11’ inches tall. His name partly put on his father’s name, where the ‘C’ in George C Scott standing for “Campbell” as well as his nickname is Campbell Whalen Scott. He was the student of John Jay High School in New York, where he performed Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead. “He is the actor of his generation”, this statement was said by the playwright and director Craig Lucas, who created the screenplay for the Secret Lives of Dentists. Not merely this, writer admired him as the greatest actor in the world. You will be surprise knowing that He went Lawrence University in Appleton with the thought of becoming a history instructor. He used to take a pile of books in those days. It was the great and unbelievable phase occurred in his lifetime, when he came along with his mother, Colleen Dewhurst in 3 different Broadway productions. He had debuted first in “The Queen and Rebels”, and “Ah, Wilderness!” where they appeared as Mother and Son. Dark hair, eyes blue Scott quality is to expose himself different from movies to the movies. Mr. Leary said about him “people don’t see how funny, he is” and also states “I would like to do comedy with him”. He gained the career achievement award by the Wstchester County film Festival in 2002.

As you already got the glimpse of his talented parent named George C. Scott and Collen Dewhurst. They were very famous artist of their time. His father was an American stage and film actor, director, and producer. The female parent was likewise a very famous actress. Scott became lucky to their parent because in the year of his nativity, his father was co-starring with Paul Newman and nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in The Hustler, whereas his mother won a Tony for All the Way Home. His brother's name is Alexander Scott, who is a writer and theatrical stage manager. He has a half-sister, Devon Scott and two other half siblings Matthew and Victoria Scott.

Very handsome Scott married with two ladies. He tied with his first wife, Anne Scott, in 1991 and became a father for the first time at the age of Thirty Six, when Anne Scott gave birth to their son Malcolm Scott on January 28, 1988. He matched his other partner Kathleen McElfresh, in 2007. He has a good understanding with Patricia Clarkson. Scott and Clarkson have mutual respect with each other. She is another significant person for him.

One cannot even imagine about Campbell versatility. He has gained the highest degree of prosperity in his lifetime. He was listed in top ten highest paid actor lists in 2014 estimated earning of him off this year is about $ 46 million. Yes, it became true because he is very laborious, creative and gifted Artist. I don’t have words to admire him. He made his all work success. The very talented actor took on several characters in several films. He played gay a few times in the movie. He was looking really hot in Royal Pains, where he exposed on some shirtless scene.

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