Carly Craig | Biography

Posted On: 26 Sep, 2014

Carly Craig | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth June 12, 1980
Age 40 Years 8 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Husband/Spouse Not yet
Boyfriend Not Disclosed
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? No
Married Not yet
Body Measurements N/A
Net Worth Not Disclosed
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Not yet

“I think I've definitely found a niche working in comedy, but dramatic films are what brought me here. After I saw 'Titanic' in the theater, I got the bug.”  - Carly Craig

Born on June 12, 1980 in San Diego California to a well-known Italian-Irish family, beauty beyond description Carly Craig is an American actress whose acting career is most notably remembered for her outrageous roles in handful of comedy projects she has had in her more than five years of acting career and who can forget Carly’s sexy Maxim photo shoot of 2011? Plus, the behind the scenes video of the photo-shoot is different than that of frequent supermodels and rated actress as in the video Carly Craig is successful in projecting her comic side.  

Bold plus beautiful with killer eyes and fit pear shaped body, Carly Craig’s movie career may be called confined to handful of funny movies as people best remember her as an actress who starred in hit comedy movies like Role Model in 2008 (she played the role of “I am engaged” girl, the love interest of Seann William Scott A.K.A Wheeler in the movie) and Hall Pass in 2011 (she is the nicotine patch girl who shit on the wall in the movie). Surprisingly, given her short and absurd roles in these movies, she has been able to create a lot of media buzz as a hot plus talented actress. Surely, these are the most successful movies of her career and predominantly explain her entire filmography.

Other notable past projects of the scorching actress except Hall pass and Role Model include Mike Leigh live show Ecstasy, web series Children’s Hospital, Neil LaBute’s Bash plus comedy movies like  independent feature film Star Sucker , hit movie The Heartbreak Kid, movie about competitive bagging National Lampoon's Bag Boy, slapstick comedy film Three Stooges, spoof movie of the original Paranormal Activity series Paranormal movie , scripted comedy series Burning love and  HBO series Hello Ladies.

Nevertheless, the movie Three Stooges is especially the most critically acclaimed  project  of her career as she got chance to showcase her acting skills in a highly unusual role of old Mrs. Harter  in the movie given her young age in real life. Undoubtedly, she rocked the mother figure role of Mrs. Harter, who is the mother in law of Sofia Vergara in the movie and obviously, her is the senior role than the role of popular actress plus diva Kate Upton in the movie.  

Beside her acting projects, she is virally known for her funny songs like nature friendly song I’d Rather Be Naked, where she shows her dancing moves wearing nothing and sings about saving water and stuff.

Other wiki on her professional life can be extracted from Wikipedia’s biography on her.

Now moving on to her physical sex appeal, she has got a high sex appeal because of her well maintained pear shaped body, soft skin, long and shapely legs and a great sense of humor. Indeed, she looks like a delicious chocolate strawberry cake. If you are admirer of a true beauty, you got to check out her blazing hot pictures including her hot bikini pictures and many more for Esquire which were clicked in her own beautiful home in 2013. If you don’t want to miss this life time opportunity, you are advised to go to the following site to view those pictures:


Most rated pictures from the list “Esquire presents Me in My Place With Carly Craig” is the one where she wears a short blue lacy-thong panty and a tight blue semi-clear bikini. Indeed, she looks like hot goddesses in the picture. Moreover, personality wise as well she is such an amazing person who knows to use sarcasms on herself. Adding her rocking nature to her awesome body, one can say she is a picture perfect beauty.  

Anyway, her exact body measurements are not given in the media but it is surely equivalent to a fit pear shaped body with the height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Also, she may not be that tall but she has already proved in the past that she can compete with any of the talented models in the country. One can check out her Regard Magazine and Maxim Magazine photo shoot to understand about her modeling abilities. Unfortunately, her net worth is also not given but it’s probably fewer than 1 million given her handful of acting projects minus the earning from her photo shoots, which is not known.

Now moving on to her personal life issues such as her married, husband, boyfriend dating and affair, it is only known that she celebrated her first Valentine Day at the age of 19. Anyway, the day was one of the saddest days of her life. She spends 300$ on that day decorating her house and herself and cooking a 3 course meal for her boyfriend and at the end of the day, she suffers from a flu and spends rest of the night alone with her boyfriend gift “a set of Victoria Secret bra and underwear, which was not even of her size.” Moreover, she gets highly disappointed on that day by her boyfriend because he came late to meet and give her the gift that was no use to her size plus left her alone being afraid of catching the flue from her.

However, it is not know that weather she is dating someone or not currently. Now, she is a famous and rich celebrity and according to her, she has left the habit of dating assholes far behind and people shouldn’t stress too much about making Valentine Day grand as it’s the festival of celebrating love rather than consumer holiday.

Clearly, people may remember unconventional and talented actresses like Fiona Gubbelman for choosing different genre such as comedy as their major working base for television and movie acting projects, but obviously, the number of actresses like Carly Craig who has stand-up background is rare. Unlike Fiona, who is of same age as compared to Carly, Carly prefers drama to comedy and nevertheless, likes to stand up and do comedy rather than just doing a stand-up comedy by telling some random jokes. However, Carly is still waiting for her big drama role as of now. Moreover, the nature of both the actress are very similar when it comes to  pre-shot preparation and work ethics as they both like to analyze their roles using various perspectives.

Although, this is a Carly’s biography, Fiona name is mentioned here to project how similar and different two actress of same age can be in terms of acting preference, struggle to the fame and many more. Plus, they are both from California.

Surely, Fiona is more experienced actress than Carly, but both of them are promising American actress of the age group 30’s. Moreover, because Fiona was participating in acting since her school days, she could in no time identify purposeful and ambitious comedy acting projects as her lifelong goal whereas Carley got chance to act in real projects only after graduation and is still struggling to find big roles. But, Carly is taking her acting and standup comedy career hand on hand which is appreciable.

As of 2014, she is more into photo shoots and parties, according to her twitter profile. Her Twitter tweet name is @carly_craig and Twitter description is given as:

“Actress/writer/comedienne. Role Models, Burning Love, The Three Stooges, Judy Garland Orgasm, chick who shit on the wall in Hall Pass”

Her fans want to see her in loads of lead roles as she doesn’t have even single lead roles till now. Nevertheless, Carly is happy with her life and her work and it is what it matters the most. Plus, her education background from The Stella Adler Academy and Second City certainly helped a lot in her career and would definitely help her in upcoming future. Also, it’s true that the famed manager Bernie Brillstein got impressed by the actress and signed her from just one raw show prepared by Carly and her classmates while waiting tables.  The story is amazing. Isn’t it?

Last but not the least; one can also follow the gorgeous actress via her Instagram profile.