Connor Cruise | Biography

Posted On: 11 Jun, 2014

Connor Cruise | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth January 17, 1995
Age 26 Years 1 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Wife/Spouse Not yet
Girlfriend Unknown
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Not Yet
Net Worth Not Disclosed
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 77 kg
Children/Kids Not Yet

Born as Connor Anthony Kidman Cruise, Connor Cruise is the adopted son of the famous Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. He was born on 17th January 1995 (age is 22 years old) in Florida, United States of America.

His original/ biological parents are unknown to us. However, he was adopted in the February of 1995 by Tom and Nicole. He is believed to be of African- American origin. He has an older sister named Isabella Cruise, who was also adopted by the couple.

Other than that Tom’s biological daughter Susie Cruise, who was born when he was in a relationship with Katie Holmes. Being the son of a Hollywood couple has changed his entire life to what he was before adoption.

He has grown up and adopted into the high profile lifestyle, riding expensive cars and mostly being followed by paparazzi wherever he goes. But that was not the case early on.

Till the age of 10, he was not allowed to set foot outside of his father’s enormous house because there had been several occasions when he was mocked and teased by journalists.

In some situations, he was made so nervous and anxious that he didn’t know what to say. But slowly, he started to find answers to those questions and gained his confidence back.

After he was homeschooled for several years, he took a step to get out and join a University as well. Not only that, but his young career has taken a turn already as he has started to act in movies.

He has been in the group of youngsters who are in 1984's red dawn remake by Dan Bradley. His first appearance in a movie was at the age of 13 when actor Will Smith agreed to cast him on screen in his movie Seven Pounds.

Apart from acting, he also has a deep interest in music and has learned DJ-Ing. He has played and DJ-d in several towns and places like Las Vegas, LA, New York, etc.

Although Nicole Kidman is his mother, things have not gone smooth between them. After the separation of Tom and Nicole and also Connor getting busy with his work, the once family isn’t so attached to each other.

Nicole complained about his and said “My children do not even call me mommy. They call me Nicole, and I don’t like that at all.” But Connor denies about his every time being asked. “I love my mother.

Our relationship is solid as always, and I don’t care what people have to say” is what he replied when recently he was asked by a journalist about their cold relationship.

The official height recorded of Connor Cruise says that he is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. This record was taken in 2012. And I am sure he has grown much in these 2 years’ time.

Besides he is just a boy in his teenage days. So, he has plenty of growing to be done.

Being a young celebrity, he can’t just stay away from friends and family. Besides that, there are now fans that he needs to interact with and I bet most of them are girls.

So, recently Connor has joined Twitter. Yes, his Twitter link is He has been followed by more than 18k till date and has given more than 4k tweets himself.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kirstiealley !!!!! #SpiritAnimal

There are also a couple of other accounts by his name, but maybe they are all just fake accounts. You can follow him to know more about his recent updates.

Happy Birthday to my big brother and my best friend in the world @joshdvegas

Happy Birthday to my big brother and my best friend in the world @joshdvegas ????????

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