Daisy Bevan | Biography

Posted On: 12 Sep, 2014

Daisy Bevan | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth 1992-03
Nationality English
Profession Actress
Husband/Spouse Not yet
Boyfriend Not Disclosed
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Not yet
Body Measurements N/A
Net Worth Not Disclosed
Height 5 feet 8 inches(approximate)
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Not yet

“I’ve had people stop me in the street saying, ‘You look so much like Joely Richardson.’ It’s a huge compliment to me”. - Daisy Bevan

English actress Daisy Bevan is one of the most recognized emerging actresses in England as of 2014. Her debut movie Elizabeth in 1998 was a special moment for both her family and English audience because she represented a young generation of acting dynasty of her family consisting of her mother Joely Richardson, a famous veteran actress, her renowned film producer father Tim Bevan and her paternal grandmother plus legendary actress Vanessa Redgrave who along with Daisy and daughter Joely Richardson are the member of reputed Redgrave acting dynasty or in simple words family.

Detail information on the Redgrave family’s ancestry starting from the time of Roy Redgrave, the great-great grandfather of the legendary living actress Vanessa Redgrave can be viewed via Wikipedia. Vanessa Redgrave is the most prominent member of the Redgrave family because she has won the Tony, Olivier, Cannes, Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globe, and the Screen Actors Guild awards and remains the only British actress to do so. Also, she is the most award-winning member of the Redgrave acting family. 

The Redgrave family excelled in acting starting from Roy and since then, the tales of five generation of the Red Grave family is in the mind of today British folks.  

Associated with the industry since the age of 5, brunette Daisy indeed has grown up from a growing teen to a young woman like a blooming daisy. Because of her distinct looks matching picture-perfectly with her fit-slim body (her body will likely grow up to a perfect hourglass shape as she grows older: she is 22 years old as of 2014). Judging by her recent pictures, she has definitely lost some weights compared to her early/late teen years. Moreover, she isn’t so much into short dresses but she has a good fashion sense when it comes to wearing full body dresses. You can check out her pictures which were clicked on May 13, 2014 at the event “The Two Face of January-UK Premiere-Red Carpet Arrivals” by going to the following site:

Source: http://www.joblo.com/hollywood-celebrities/gossip/daisy-bevan-brings-her-unique-beauty-to-the-faces-of-january-premiere

 There she wears nothing but a long and blue lace dress on the top of flesh colored inner dresses. The blue dress was successful in showcasing her flaming personality, her growing bosoms and her fit body. Anyway, if she hadn’t worn those flesh color inner dresses we would have watched some more assets of the actress. But, she is a smart girl you know. She knows how much to show off and she generally likes to make her public appearance as a natural beauty rather than putting on huge makeup’s or going under the knife.

Although her exact height is not known but analyzing her pictures it can be guessed around 5 feet and 7 inches to 5 feet and 8 inches. Moreover, the brunette actress Daisy is one hell of a beauty with natural blue eyes and distinct looks with tall height. Plus, her expressive personality and control of body language adds more plus point to her ever increasing popularity.

Other wiki on her professional and personal life can be accessed via Wikipedia’s biography on her. Also, her body measurements are not known.  Moreover, one can follow her via social networking sites like twitter and Instagram.

Now, moving on to her personal life regarding her boyfriend, the only few information known about him is that he is a supportive boyfriend and a Fulham fan. Furthermore, no other affair and dating rumors on Daisy are present in the media.

Nevertheless, Daisy is as well getting positive response from her fans because she has been such a strong person even after going through a good number of operations at the young age of 15.  And, at the age of 1, her legs were badly affected from a rare circulatory condition.  Yes! She is the same flaming Daisy we are talking about who is such a cheerful woman in her public talks and she always has been like that.

Truly, acting is what she derived from her parents but it is also true that she is herself a talented actress and a grown up woman. She is the luckiest person in the universe for getting such supportive parents with big names. Because of her parent’s proper guidance, she was well inspired to peruse her young age passion that is acting as her lifelong goal.  She says she felt no pressure from the family to join the industry but acting was what she wanted to do sine her young age.

Even after joining the industry she brainstormed a lot about not keeping up with big names of her family and thus worried about being the black sheep of the family. Later, she realized that all she needed was time: time to grow as an actress.

Although her parents divorced when she was 5, she is close to both of her parents. Also, it is said that she currently lives with her mother in London. Most of the time media describes Daisy as a copy of Joely. Indeed, she looks like her but that doesn't mean she is a carbon copy of her mother. Anyway, Joely has blonde hair and Daisy has long curly hair-style. Fairly speaking, they look like sisters when they are together. 

Interested in acting since her childhood, Daisy's both nationality and ethnicity is English. Moreover, her exact net worth is not known but it's probably less than 5 million dollar as she is a young actress. Anyway, she has gone through some really bad health issues before and after the surgeries. But, she is healthy and graduated now. Also, she has fulfilled her parents’ wishes to see Daisy as a graduate. Before, her parents even said no-no to her when she was doing acting projects and moving more far away from her studies. She had to complete her graduation to pursue her career in acting. Furthermore, it is not known when exactly she completed her graduation but we know for a fact that she was a graduate when she was celebrating her 20th birthday and now at the age of 22, she is looking forward to a bright career forgetting her past ill-health and at the same time improving her acting skills gradually. 

Last but not the least, she is best known for her roles in movies such as Elizabeth, The Affair of the Necklace, and television series namely Nip/Tuck. Her upcoming thriller movie The Two Faces of January is set to release on October 3, 2014 and thus still set to get judged by the beloved critics but the movie is definitely getting huge publicity and positive response from the viewers.  She is hot, she is young and she is learning. On top of that, she is a smart 22 year old who sees her parent’s success in the industry as both beneficial and the other way around.  Because her parents are in the industry she didn't had to go through hasty auditions and agents to get in the industry. As of now, she is an emerging actress who knows she has to carve her own way. Also, her two years education at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Manhattan is surely going to help her in her much talked about quest.