DeVon Franklin | Biography

Posted On: 29 Jul, 2014

DeVon Franklin | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth April 13, 1978
Age 42 Years 10 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Author
Wife/Spouse Meagan Good
Girlfriend No
Ethnicity African-American
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? No
Married Yes
Net Worth $150 Million Dollars
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Children/Kids N/A

DeVon Franklin was born in 13th April, 1978 in San Fancisco, California. He is an American film producer who has worked on many projects. He has been engaged in movie production from his early ages. The movies that have been produced by DeVon are “The Pursuit of Happiness”,  “The Karate Kid”, “Hancock, “Jumping the Broom” “Heaven is for Real” and “Not Easily Broken”. He is now 36 years of age and has an estimated worth of $10 million. He is an executive of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Vice President of Production for Columbia Pictures which is a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Though he has reached in this magnificent height; he didn’t have the wonderful childhood. He didn’t get chance to have the positive presence of his father. He grew up in California where his parents had married young. His father, Donald, had a drinking habit which cost him his job and left the family as well. DeVon’s mother, Paula, started to work at a day care from which she managed to earn their living. In 1988, Donald died because of a heart attack. As he has lost his father at the age of nine, DeVon struggles with the fatherlessness even today.

In June 2012, he married a rising Hollywood star, Meagan Good. She is quite shorter than his husband i.e. 5’5’’ tall. They had dated for several months. DeVon was spotted several times with Meagan at different places. He was with her parents at the Meagan's birthday dinner last August. He was also present in the premiere of the ‘Think Like A Man’ in February. Many had the guess that they were having an affair then.  He views his 32-year-old wife as a blessing in his life. There are rumors that they are having divorce. But they prove it wrong as they said that they both want to have children in near future. the pair has also publicly expressed their love for one another. DeVon also said that patience is key to maintaining a good relationship.

He is also the published author who has written 'Produced by Faith: Enjoy Real Success Without Losing Your True Self.' This book has emphasized on how faith can interacts with life. The book also clears this view on how it can be seen from the prospective of filmmaking, this book reflects his life as well.

He is also a motivational speaker and the preacher as well. During his preaching, he motivates people by mentioning many quotes. His quote has made tremendous impacts on those who hears it. “The truth is you and I are in control of only two things, how we prepare for what might happen, and how we respond to what just happened, the moment when things actually happen belongs to god.” These kinds of sentences given by Franklin have influenced many people. There has been some rumors of Good which has affected his preaching as well in recent days. Because of the types of dresses Good wore in public places, church has made its comments against her. But to protect Good, DeVon himself said that he used to be a Hipocrite. As he was engaged in the premarital sex, he believes that he is a backsliding preacher. He has also large number of followers on twitter.

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