Ginger Zee Boyfriend, Engaged and Married

Posted On: 02 Apr, 2014

Ginger Zee Boyfriend, Engaged and Married

Quick Facts

Date of Birth January 13, 1981
Age 40 Years 1 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Television Personality
Husband/Spouse N/A
Boyfriend Ben Aaron of WNBC
Ethnicity White
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Will Married Soon
Body Measurements 32B-25-34
Net Worth $400 thousand dollars and annual salary of $100 thousand
Height 1.7 m
Weight 56 kg

The story starts in a countryside where a young boy in his early 20s lived. He was tall and has broad-shouldered, with dark hair and heavy, brows that were offset by a boyish grin. 

A love of guitar had made his hands just rough. He would not bother to think about the things around him because he thought nothing matters. He did not know what ethnicity was he from.

He always thought he grew up anyways 'ANYWAYS'!

Ginger Zee, as he called himself, was a troublesome name. He lived and grew up in a stray! He would steal to run his life, spoke nuisance and probably was the villain in the whole of Zee town.

Now you see the relation, the Zee in his name is the city's name. The name Ginger came up from a restaurant, in-front of which he stood for hours. 

Zee was in love with a girl who came to the restaurant every day. Her father owned the restaurant. He had been repeating the same routine since last ten years; he would stand outside the restaurant and watch her.

Sometimes he followed her but would not be able to keep track. The girl knew he was madly in love with her and yet liked to see him desperate about her.

That is why she did it every day, came to the restaurant in the prettiest of clothes and fluttered around. 

One summer afternoon, Zee thought of getting face to face with her and stood exactly in her path. She came and smiled at him. He almost fainted.

That day she looked like some celebrity in that dress that showed her legs so well. She was not just hot according to him. 

He was too shy that he could not help but stare at her feet that were prettiest in all the possible ways. Then, when she called upon him, he raised his head up height-ways, amazed to see someone so flawless.

The girl's age, as he predicted was 20, but he would not bother to ask. He did not want to ruin the best thing happening to him.

She told him he looked different and asked him what nationality he was from. He said he did not know for he is an orphan and just remembers growing up out of nothing. She slowly touched the strings of his guitar and asked if he could play a song for her. His face blossomed like a new bud of a flower ready to bloom. He played, and she listened.

She closed her eyes and felt every rhythm he played as if she had been the guitar he had been embracing. Zee out of nothing then got on his knees and stretched out his hands, in one he had a guitar, and the other was empty.

Zee said, “I don't possess anything in this world accept my guitar, but now you see one of my hands is empty. Will you please hold it for me? I promise I won't let you go, won't let you fall weak and love you like today for the rest of my life.

My words may not be sweet, but the place it comes from tells me you complete me. Will you marry me?" Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she stood up and hugged him tight. She said that it was the best thing someone had ever said to her and could not refuse the most beautiful proposal on earth. 

And that was the day when Ginger Zee was no longer a stray boy. He would soon get engaged with the love of his life without being her boyfriend.

Someday he would get married, have kids and would tell them good things happen in a blink of an eye. 

This is the story of Ginger Zee who fell in love with the prettiest girl in the town without a biography and the requirement of any salary sheet. Love was all that mattered, and it happened.

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