Jay Pharoah | Biography

Posted On: 30 Jul, 2014

Jay Pharoah | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth October 14, 1987
Age 33 Years 4 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Wife/Spouse Not yet
Girlfriend Not Disclosed
Ethnicity African-American
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? No
Married Not yet
Net Worth $1.5 Million Dollars
Height 6 feet 1 inches
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Not yet

“I mostly just imitated my teachers back in school. Like, a teacher would leave the classroom and I'd have like 10 minutes to impersonate her in front of the class. Sometimes the teachers would walk in on me imitating them and I'd get detention and have to stare at a corner for hours. But I got real good at impersonating a corner after that. I mastered it. People would be like 'where's Jay?' and someone else would be like, 'Oh, he's over there, impersonating the corner, that's why you didn't notice him.” - Jay Pharoah

Multi-talented Jay Pharoah is mostly recognized in the United States of America as an American actor, rapper, stand-up-comedian, impressionist, and voice actor. He fits rightly as the cast of the American late-night television and comedy and variety sketch shows Saturday Night Live in the year 2010  as a feature player and since then he has been constantly active in the show as the youngest male member and master impersonator. Furthermore, he is especially popular in the show SNL for his memorable impersonations and impressions of popular names such as Will Smith, Barack Obama, Jay-Z, 50 cent, Eddie Murphy,   Nevertheless, he is also popular for his roles in the movies like Lola Versus, Ride Along, Intramural, and Get Hard.

Jay original name is Jared Antonio Farrow. His ethnicity is black and nationality is American. Moreover, he is a tall man with the height of 6 feet and 2 inches.

Other wiki on her professional life can be extracted from Wikipedia’s biography on her.

As of 2014, his age is 26 years. It is not known who he is dating currently neither it is known who he dated in the past. It is rumored that he is having an affair with someone in the industry but the rumor can’t be verified as well. Anyway, one would like to see his “What does my girl say” popular parody video on YouTube if you want to bitch about your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Born on October 14, 1987 in Chesapeake, Virgina, United States, handsome and funny, Jared would have a loving twin brother who looks just like him if his brother hadn’t died at the birth. Anyway, his brother who currently stays in heaven is certainly proud because of the achievements and recognitions received by his brother Jay. Interested in doing impersonations since the age of 6, Jared is famous in America for his perfect impersonations skills. Out of all his impersonations, he likes to mostly remember his impersonation of Alladdin character Lago the parrot because it’s his first impersonation. And his childhood motive for the impersonation was to impress his girlfriend.

“What he can do is really amazing. He can take a real life character and bring in the funniest side of the character to the audience. It doesn’t matter to him that the character is famous or not. Impersonation is his forte and he can impersonate almost everybody. Just take the example of the SNL character Principal Daniel Frye. The character is based on the Indian River High School’s current principal James Frye and it’s the same high school from where Jay graduated.”  - A SNL fan

Drive by his burning passions to be a recognized comedian one day, teen Jay starts his career by performing standup comedy in local community theatres and pubs in Virginia. After that he puts his impersonations video on YouTube and gets viral there. And next big moment in his life after he reached more than million viewers in YouTube was his hiring in the show SNL.

Last but not the least; one can follow the multi-talented actor/ comedian via twitter. He is a twitter buzz with 125k fans. His twitter tweet-name is @Jay Pharoah and his twitter description is :

“facebook.com/jaypharoah1, instagram.com/jaypharoah”