Karen Finney Biography, Ethnicity and Age

Posted On: 13 Mar, 2014

Karen Finney Biography, Ethnicity and Age

Quick Facts

Date of Birth November 28, 1987
Age 33 Years 2 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Political Consultant
Husband/Spouse Not Yet
Boyfriend Unknown
Ethnicity Mixed
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Partner Not yet
Divorced? No
Married Not yet
Body Measurements 34-28-35 inches
Net Worth Not Disclosed
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Not Yet

The Finney name comes from a man who once owned her family as slaves. She is deeply affected by the civil war and more attracted to the study of it.

She is profoundly influenced by Virginia roles in the civil war. Her father is an African-American who is also from Virginia. 

Yes, you are right; we are talking about the political commentator of MSNBC, Karen Finney, who is famous for her advocacy journalism skills.  Not only she has an American nationality, but she also has an African-American ethnicity.

Addition to this, you may want to know that her maternal ancestor is Robert E.Lee also known as “The Marble Man” the famous general and tactician of Confederate state of Virginia during the civil war.

Therefore we can say she has a mixed ethnic background, and she is biracial. She has the more light type of skin tone compared to black; maybe she got that from her white mother.  She thinks people should respect works of any citizen of the country for their hard work in the country no matter which ethnicity and nationality they belong.  

The ongoing rumor, her marriage with a famous editorial journalist of the Washington Post, Jonathan Capehart who also works at MSNBC as contributing commentator is false.

People came up with this rumor because on the show “Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell”, where both of them jointly appeared, Capehart calls her  “my darling wife” and soon the discreet Lawrence ends the conversations with out of time strategy. 

Capehart later clarifies that they aren’t married, and he is just her gay husband. Moreover, yet again one of a popular rumor is she has dated Lee Majors, an American actor famous for his work in the show “The Six Million Dollar man”.  

We cannot find more information about her personal life in media except little information from how much she has disclosed till now and almost all the biography written about her mostly focuses on her political career.

If we add data from light available sources of information about her, we can assume that she is on her late 30’s or early 40’s.  Perhaps the age doesn’t matter because everybody gets old and maybe skin tone; ethnicity and nationality can’t be compared against each other. 

People call her a white as well as a Negro or perhaps both, depending upon their description of ethnicity, race, and nationality. People regard her as the first African-American spokeswomen for the Democratic National Committee.

Tim J Grahm,  media analysis director of the  Media Research Center, doesn't agree to the fact. In fact, in his tweet he mentions, she is not black enough because she hasn't enough tan.

He only reacted to the MSNBC efforts to diversify its working team adding Karren Finney as a new black host. He was sharply criticized by a large number of people and people often regarded this incident as one of the probable losing factors in future elections to Republicans as Media Research Center is a right-wing group.

She hosts the popular show on MSNBC called Disrupt with Karen Finney. Her other work life includes commentator at Politico and The Huffington Post. Before MSNBC, she was on the Democratic National Committee as a spokesperson and director of communications for four years. 

HilaryRodham Clinton gets so impressed by her work that she elects Finney as her press secretary in 1990s. President Bill Clinton also hires her as deputy director of presidential scheduling during his presidency.

Beside her continuous input in MNSBC, she also has some achievements in improving the education of both private and public sector of the United States and some other countries as well. She has also work experience in crisis communication, branding, message development.

Addition to this she also has professional experience in public affairs. But you don’t have to wonder by the fact that her political experience now reaches around 20 years. The former political consultant has a height of 5 feet. She is always versatile on her work and her dressing sense perfectly matches her body figure much of the time.

She is one of the most eligible bachelors of DC as well as the United States and an elegant woman.  Her immense experience has boosted up her commenting abilities and thus she makes points during a discussion on the political topics coming in the show from different perspectives and thus managed to attract lots of international audiences.

There is not so much of information on Wikipedia about her and her relationship status. Perhaps she is not married because of her tight working schedule and a busy career. Or another reason maybe she hasn’t found the right person yet. You sure can get her tweets via twitter. We will keep you updated if we find any interesting wiki related to her in coming days.