Kat Cole | Biography

Posted On: 06 Jun, 2014

Kat Cole | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth March 18, 1978
Age 42 Years 11 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Businesswoman
Husband/Spouse Not yet
Boyfriend Not Yet
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Partner Chris
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Not yet
Body Measurements 34-27-35 inches
Net Worth $1 Billion Dollars
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Unknown

At the present, Kat Cole is one of the leading ladies in the American business industry. She is currently the president of Focus Brand Inc. at cinnabon, USA. When she was 15, her parents had separated. So in a strong need of supporting her mother and two smaller siblings financially, she started working at a very young age. Now, in her mid-30s, she is regarded as one of the most successful tycoon. When she was doing her high school, she started to take a part time job in Florida, USA. She worked as a doors girl at hooters, Jacksonville; cleaning tables and dishes. Two years later, she was promoted as a hooters girl serving chicken and beer to the customers. After working in that role for a couple of years, she was then promoted to a bartender and then into manager trainer. After she was being promoted in her job and was making good money, then she got enrolled into University of North Florida in order to acquire a college degree in engineering. But she could not complete her academic journey there. Being one of the best of Hooter’s she was asked by her boss to travel around the world as they had planned to start hooters in many different countries and cities. She travelled across the globe launching the contract, appointing as well as training each individual of the chain. The hooters initially started their business in Australia, London, Japan etc.

This beautiful lady icon has not been married yet. She has no husband till date. But sources reveal that she does have a boyfriend in her life. She lives with him in their 3000 sq. feet house in atlanta. Her house is decorated from paintings that she draws by herself. Besides that, she also loves hunting and has several guns and arrows collection inside her house.

Starting to make money in early years, her salary was not so high. Eventually she was promoted and with the rise in each post, she was paid more. Now, as she owns her own company, her income rate has raised much than where she had started.  Her monthly salary is somewhere between 50,000 USD.

Born on somewhere in the mid-70s, her age is still not exactly known. She is assumed to be around 35 years old in recent year.

Being highly talented and hardworking, her looks have favored her just as much. Her height is 5 feet 9 inches tall. She is a lady with blonde hair and blue eyes. Apart from that, she also has a very well maintained body structure with perfectly shaped curves. Her figure measurements read 34-27-35 (Breast- Waist- Hip). She is also reported to have incredibly sexy pair of legs. Her feet are size 7.5 standards US size. When she appears on stage or TV in her short skirts, those hot legs emphasize more on her appearance and people find it hard to remove their eyes from staring at her.

Although she lives with her boyfriend and has a very busy schedule, she still makes time to get together with him any time possible. Also, on her birthday every year, she celebrates it with her boyfriend, friends and close ones.

Her biography is not found much on the internet. There are some sites that contain little information about her and also there is some of her information on wikipedia.