Lauren Scala | Biography

Posted On: 22 May, 2014

Lauren Scala | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth February 10, 1982
Age 38 Years 11 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Television Personality
Husband/Spouse N/A
Boyfriend Unknown
Ethnicity Mixed-White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Unknown
Married Not Yet
Body Measurements 32-25-33 (approx.)

The fun fact is most of the traffic reporters that appear in our American Television are female. Maybe, their presentation style is much more magnetic than men. Anyway, out of many traffic reporters in the United States, Lauren Scala has made her way to the top paid traffic reporters list. She is best known as one of the most recognized and hottest traffic reporters in the United States. Ok! if you thought she is just an average traffic reporter who appears every day on WNBC and talks about same traffic thing, then you are wrong.

She constantly keeps updating her fans about traffic conditions of New York via twitter. She is always well dressed, very presentable, her body language is perfect and she always knows what she is talking about. If you again thought she is only a traffic reporter who is doing her job amazingly, then you are wrong again because she is much more than that. As much as she has helped to keep New York’s busy traffic move smoothly by working as a traffic reporter for MSNBC, she has also initiated to show the interesting lifestyles of New York area to the viewers through the WNBC’s daily lifestyle show New York Live. Because of her rich past work experiences while at NYC-TV and Time Out New York, WNBC hires her in 2010. And, again because of her strong knowledge about entertainment industry and good anchoring abilities, she has been part of various other shows in WSNBC like WNBC's Live Interactive Trivia Game and NBC NY Nonstop.

Short Biography

New York native, Lauren Scala was born on February 10, 1982 in Mineole, New York. By ethnicity, she is an Italian American. She started her television industry journey behind the scenes at the age of 19 as an Associate Producer for Time Out New York On Demand’s several New York based video segments.   

She was interested in entertainment industry since her childhood. She always wanted to be an anchor. But, she weighed 163 pounds before joining television hosting. But, she didn’t give up; rather she utilized her time by committing to routinely exercise and dieting procedures.

Although her current height and weight is not known or given in media, but analyzing her on screen and her photos, one can guess her height to be little more than 5 feet and 5 inches and weight may be up to 45-60 pounds. Because she is a New York Native, there’s no wonder she is very expressive and picky. More than anything else, like most of New Yorkers, she knows what she wants and how to dress appropriately. She believes in dressing good and shopping a lot. "

On top of that, she is a nice person as well. She in an interview has said that one should always be   good from the inside rather than being good just for situation sake. In short she knows how to feel good about herself and how to express her mind to others.

Anyway, moving on now, talking about her famous love affairs and gossips about her boyfriend or ex-boyfriends you might say, there are none? It’s no doubt that she is a sexy plus hot chick, but I don’t know what I mean by that. It may mean she has those toned arms and meaty legs comprising her well maintained pear/triangle shaped body. Her wardrobe is a very special place for her because she is definitely a shopaholic and she has got all this fancy fashionable clothes all in there. Moreover, her feminine and straightforward personality with New York touch makes her overall personality so unique that people always notice her when she is with them. It seems like she will be married to a New York native in the future because she loves New York so much. She loves New York so much that she can't stop talking about it. It's true that New York is her true love.

Furthermore, Emmy winner Scala’s net worth must be high, because she is involved in so much different projects for WNBC and other channels and media. Just taken the example of the shows like The American Health Challenge or the Nonstop Sound, which she initiated for NBC’s digital cable channel called New York Nonstop. These shows are first of their own kind, plus these shows were popular since their first broadcast. She is 32 years of old now, and her salary is expected to be around 1 $ million dollars including all projects she has been doing for WNBC and the other firms.

So in overall, she is a sexy lady with lots of brains and such an amazing personality. He body is awesome, especially lower parts, because she is a pear shaped. Plus, she has well-maintained body measurements and a tall height. If you see her nearby your streets exploring lifestyles, and if you get chance to speak to her, and then be ready to face her beautiful smile, shiny sense of humor, flaring dresses and lifestyle talks.  

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