Liz Hayes | Biography

Posted On: 25 May, 2014

Liz Hayes | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth May 23, 1956
Age 64 Years 9 Month(s)
Nationality Australian
Profession Presenter
Husband/Spouse John Singleton
Boyfriend N/A
Ethnicity Mixed-White
Divorced? Yes (1992)
Married Yes (1991)
Body Measurements N/A
Net Worth $1.5 million dollars (approx.)
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight N/A
Children/Kids N/A

Born on 23 May 1956 in Taree Australia, Elizabeth "Liz" Hayes, in short, known as Liz Hayes, is an Australian Television presenter.

She is primarily known for her long journey of almost 33 years with the Nine Network. Since 1981 to present, she has worked for the network as a reporter, host and news anchor. She is also dated celebrity hairdresser Stefan Ackeri.

58 years old of age, Liz, has been married for three times till now. Her first and second marriages were very popular ones, but both of the marriages were unsuccessful.

Her first partner was Builder Brian Hayes and the second one was advertising entrepreneur John Singleton. Brian married her in her hometown and later, the couple moved to Sydney.

In Sydney, she proves her writing abilities as a journalist working for the magazines New Idea and TV Week. It was her first husband who helped her emotionally and economically at this point.

Before moving to Sydney, she had already gained experienced first as a cadet journalist and later as an assistant editor working for the local Manning River Times newspaper in Tamara. After that, she decides to show her journalism skills on-screen.

Although it was hard for her to transition her career’s writing background to verbal, she didn’t give up. It’s no secret that she is a confident woman who can analyze a subject and express her views instantly very professionally.

This aspect about her helped her a lot when she joined her first job on-screen as a reporter for Newark's Ten Eyewitness News.

After leaving Network Ten, she joined Nine Network in 1981, and she has been part of the network since then. At Nine, she is mostly known for being co-host of today from 1981 to 1986 and for working as a reporter for the Top rated show of the channel, 60 minutes, from 1986 to till now.

Hayes was John Singleton’s fourth wife, and the cause of their divorce is still not revealed in the media despite the marriage being so famous.

It is said that her current husband is former 60 Minutes soundman Ben Crane and the relationship has been more than a decade old. It is also believed that celebrity hairdresser Stefan Ackerie was her boyfriend a long time ago.

She is a blonde regarding hair color. Her hairstyles have mostly been short since a long time ago.

Probably, she preferred shorter haircut after turning 40 because the short hair gave her sharp and professional looks. If one needs to know another important wiki about her in detail like her career details and other personal stuff like her hobbies and others, then, the following two web address, (February 16, 2014, Daily Life) and (February 12, 2013, 60 Minutes), may help you get what you are looking for:

In an interview with Daily Life (2014), she said that she couldn’t have children because of a lot of bad timing. She doesn’t think the reason for her not having any children is only because of her career.

She is popular on social networking sites like twitter and facebook. Why shouldn’t she be?

With all the characteristics of what we call as a fine Australian woman, she is successful, always professional on her job and a reasonable human being who has spent most of her life on screen.

This is a huge amount of time. She has earned huge amount of money and fame as well. Now, anyone would think, she should resign and enjoy the rest of her life doing other things.

But, she doesn’t agree with this viewpoint. She thinks she is just another ordinary journalist doing her job. She plans to engage in television industry until her health restricts her.

For her shows, she can wear anything she wants. For her, a dress must be comfortable to wear weather that is a short skirt or a trouser. She had that Australian characteristic to stay natural, calm and easy-going.

But that doesn’t mean she smiles all the time. She can also be tough on some situations. 

Other details on her can be found from her biography on Wikipedia. Other details on her can be found from her biography on Wikipedia.

One can always view her photos via the internet and compare her looks in different points of time. By comparing, one can see she looks so natural and fresh in each photo.