Naomi Scott | Biography

Posted On: 07 Jun, 2014

Naomi Scott | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth May 06, 1993
Age 27 Years 11 Month(s)
Nationality British
Profession Actress
Husband/Spouse Jordan Spence
Boyfriend No
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Yes
Body Measurements 32-24-33 inches
Net Worth Not Disclosed
Height 167 cm
Weight 50 kg
Children/Kids Not yet

Interviewer: If You weren’t an actress, singer and musician, what would you be ?

Naomi Scott: I am only one of those things at the moment. NO! I would be an archeologist. Yeah! definitely or a river dancer, one of the two. When I was little, I wanted to be an archeologist like saw yachts, bury things in the garden and dig them up ……………..

Phenomenal actress Naomi Scots is a London, England native. She is not only an emerging English actress but also an aspiring singer and musician. Popular nicknames given to her are “master of accents” and “funny as well well-behaved”. 

She is famous for her ascents. Her primary ascent is English and her nationality is British. As her mother Usha Scott is of indian descent from Uganda and her father Chris Scott is a British, she got access to more than one accent in her childhood. Moreover, most of the people, who watch her in the show terra nova, think she is an American because of her amazing American accent in the show.

Born on 6 May, 1993, Naomi was a star even before joining the acting industry. On top of that, Kelly was already a star in her school (Devenant Foundation School) for participating in the school musical and drama productions before being discovered by Kelle. British pop singer Kelle Bryan has important role in bringing Kelly to the limelight of success. Kelley recognized her singing and acting potential and made Naomi her client when Naomi was 14. Before, Kelle, Naomi was part of a band called the Youth Church Youth Band.   

 Under advice of Kelle, she then went to work with British songwriters and producers Xenomania. After that, she got the opportunity to work on the Disney Channel UK show called Lifebite as one of the important character Megan.

But it was the year 2010, which gave her immense popularity she never could have imagined. Disney Channel was in need of a talented singing actress for its original musical drama movie lemonade mouth in 2010. It was an American production movie and Disney had many options from various part of the world. Again, with the help of Kelle as an agent, she impresses executives of Disney from America via Skype in an Audition. lemonade mouth becomes a huge success and the credit for it success goes to talented casts including Naomi. 

Naomi’s character Mohini Banjaree in lemonade mouth also became popular even before release of the movie because Naomi ability to give detailed yet humorous interviews and talk about her works and her character in her movies from different perspectives.  In the same year, she appeared in yet another US production project, a science fiction series called terra nova. 

Having multiple ethnicity made her a strong woman in her life. Transitioning from a teen idol to a mature woman was not that hard for her because of her supportive parents and the people like Kelle, who understood her potential. 

No wonder, she is amazingly popular in social networking sites like twitter. Her twitter account is @Naomi Scott and it says
"Hello! I'm Naomi, I dont take myself too seriously.....seriously.....but not too much ;)"

She is little more than 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She has slim and fit figures and her body shape can be categorized in the group banana shaped. She is considered one of the hottest women in Britain because of her long beautiful toned legs, fit body, and unique looks derived from her parents from completely different ethnicity from each other. In terms of dressing sense, she is a little more boyish than being girly. But still, she knows how to look hot and beautiful as a same time on whatever dress she wears.

An important wiki about her singing career would be, her popular single titled "Breakthrough" from the album "lemonade mouth" in 2011. The song was one of the extremely popular songs listed in the Billboard Top 100 that year.

Now, talking about her dating relationship, she is engaged with Footballer Jordan Spence. To get more info about the multitalented actress Naomi, YouTube and Wikipedia's biography on her would be a good idea. 

She is 21 years old, young and equally talented women with everything a woman may desire to have in her life from pretty face, good height, and nice voice to lots of talents, sense of humor plus loads of men behind her. It is sure that we will see more of Naomi in upcoming future weather that is singing, acting or something about music.