Natalie Allen | Biography

Posted On: 19 May, 2014

Natalie Allen | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth August 11, 1962
Age 58 Years 6 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Journalist
Husband/Spouse Not Disclosed
Boyfriend Not Yet
Ethnicity White
Divorced? N/A
Married Unknown
Body Measurements 34-26-35 (approx.)
Net Worth $1.5 million dollars (approx.)
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight N/A

One of the 1990s most recognized female broadcaster/journalist of USA, Natalie Allen. Her name comes in the list of American TV personality Hall of famers and legends. Now in her 50’s, Natalie Allen, has collected lots of precious stones of achievements in her glorious treasure chest of her career until now. Plus, she always showed professionalism and supported rationalism whenever she conducted an interview or hosted a program.  

Short biography

The international anchor is especially known  for her long tenure in ESPN from 1992 to 2001 where she covered events like Oklahoma city bombing, the 2000 Presidential Election and US 9/11 tragedy. Looking back at her career profile, she has worked for renowned other television channels like WREG-TV, WFTV, MSNBC, CNBC, NBC and The Weather Channel.”

Born on August 11, 1962, the gorgeous retired television anchor/presenter, Natalie belongs to the white ethnicity. As much as she is famous for giving consistent pace of effort in her career, she is also famous for her gorgeous brunette black hair and tightly shaped long hot legs. She tried long hair styles after leaving cnn and when joining The Weather Channel.

It is said that, she left cnn because she was getting married to the man she loved. But rumors are rumors, and since her wikipedia page has been deleted long-long time ago, one may never find the truth. Also, it is likely that she never got married because of her 23 years of professional career as well. If she never got married, then certainly, that would explain the reason of absence of single webpage about her family, married life, husband, children or divorce issues. But, assumptions are not facts, and until a verifiable source proves so.

Bragging her name into a conversation, one shouldn’t forget to mention her efforts on the green movement camp gains and strengthening environment protection and conservation via journalism. After transitioning her career from successful news anchor to environmental journalist, her next move was to run a show that was going to soon revolutionize the ways of reporting about the weather. The show Forecast Eco Updates not only proved its commercial viability but also had direct impact to people minds because of her dedication and hard work. She would conduct numerous reports on weather, bring various scientific data and help people to understand about the weather. Soon, her popularity boomed to international level and she even got two awards i.e. Emmy Award and Edward R. Murrow Award for her important contribution on Forecast Eco Updates. 

The one important aspect about her life that we can learn from is the importance of dedication and consistency. No wonder, her good looks and sexy figure were plus points for her. 5 feet and 8 inches tall in terms of height, Natalie’s is somehow different than a average individual. She believes in making a difference. Just for example, while at TWC, she not only reported on climate change and other related issues but also conducted detailed shows on How to adapt to the changing planet. Simply, inspirational! And, still in her old age, she has been involved with various environment awareness and charity projects.

After she joined University of Southern Mississippi, she started changing majors in weeks. She always wanted to pursue a subject, by which she could make a real difference. Soon a professor noticed her behavior and suggested journalism to her. She gave it a try and she liked it. Now, for her journalism at this time, became a means to really make a difference and cover various topics that humans are dealing with.

Former cnn international anchor, Natalie has many fan sites on facebook and other Social Networking Sites. To understand better about what she thinks about weather, just go to the following site.

Despite being in her 50’s, “The green queen” looks like someone in her 20’s. What’s the secret? Maybe it’s because of environment conservatism and she being eco-friendly and organic. Anyway, these are only the guess.