Orny Adams | Biography

Posted On: 20 Aug, 2014

Orny Adams | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth November 10, 1970
Age 50 Years 0 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Wife/Spouse Unknown
Girlfriend N/A
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? No
Married Unknown
Net Worth Not Disclosed
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Children/Kids N/A

I'm by nature optimistic. You know how people say, "I live every day like it's my last." Those people are pessimistic. I live every day like I have 50 more miserable years on this planet. I'm not going anywhere. I just keep going forward and going forward. I'm up for 10 different jobs right now. Nine out of 10 of those jobs—probably 10 out of 10—will not happen.   - Orny Adams

A young man with his strong desire to get known and accepted graduates in the year 1993 in philosophy and political science from Emory University , then, he hopes to get a handsome job but later gets disappointed when his good number of applications gets rejected. The same fate repeats for the young man in the next couple of years.

Optimistic in nature, the young guy soon thinks his fate would change when he finds about Disney searching for comedian for television shows. It was the year 1996 when the young man flies from to Los Angeles with Disney Scouts. Upon reaching there, he goes through number of interview meetings and finally gets response from the Disney guys to meet with a higher female authority. He meets with the person agreeing upon the clause to go back home in the next three hours or stay to meet with much higher authority if he could impress the female authority. But, unfortunately, he gets rejected and had to catch the flight back.

In the similar way, he requests to stand up in various comedy clubs  but again gets rejected for many times. But, he doesn’t lose hope. He learns from all these incidents never to give hope. He learns a very important lesson and that is in life many things can go wrong, but that’s always not your mistake and also, not because of one reason. He learns he is living normal life just like everybody and constantly tries to break into the industry. But he always believes his existence is for some reason.

The young man is no other than humorous American standup comedian, comedy writer plus actor Orny Adams known for his ability to make something fun out of anything in stand-up comedy.  In real life he is just another normal person who struggled a lot after graduating since he got no job because of bad economic condition and thus, tried to pull his strings in something he was capable of and in his case, it was stand-up comedy and comedy writing that changed everything.

Unlike his sand-up acts where he most of the time is found showcasing his self-centeredness plus whining attitude and even kicking asses of everybody to make his point with intelligent lines revealing hard-truth, in real life he is just another good guy and a thinker who is highly mature in nature. Simply, he doesn’t hide his feelings or let any of his feelings to conquer him rather he is learning to be more expressive and fun person off-stage as he thinks he isn’t that social in nature.

Our generation is getting so fast. I swore the next war will be for cooking oils. - Orny Adams

  As of 2014, he is a successful comedian with his own notable comedy works like Path of Most Resistance, Orny Adams Takes the Third and many more. Nevertheless, he is also known for starring as cocky but reasonable lacrosse coach Bobby Finstock in the MTV series Teen Wolf, struggling comedian Orny in Jerry Seinfeld’s The Comedian (a 2002 documentary film  showcasing comedy and stand-up- comedians from different angle and being the host of CBS, Yahoo and Yashton Kutcher’s popular combined production videos for tube.

Other wiki on his professional life can be extracted from IMDB and Wikipedia’s biography on him. One can always go to www.ornyadams.com to get more details about him and his all season’s tours. He is a busy man because of his stand-up tours throughout the year. Plus, he works whenever he wants like a boss because since his early age he has embraced the struggle part of his life.

Born on 10 November 1970 in Lexington, Massachusetts, Adam Jason Orenstei (his birth name) exact height is not revealed but it can be guessed to be in the range of 5 feet 6 to 5 feet and 9 inches tall. He has good arms, dizzy face, and messy short hair-style and little bit of bugled out stomach which he thinks is because of age. Anyway, in an interview he has said that he has learned to embrace the human in him. He has also the trademark joke for his bulged out stomach. He thinks when he wears a belt; his stomach seems like a tattoo. Remembered the line fun out of anything?

Moreover, any rumors about Orny especially rumors related to topics such as married life, wife, divorce, girlfriend, dating and affair are not known except he is a divorced man with kids Moreover, he has maintained a low key reputation in the media when it comes to his personal life.  Plus, he is not a gay as he likes to have sex with opposite partner and he has never said he is a gay in the media. Also, it is highly rumored that his kids and him, all of them are in love with his current girlfriend. Anyway, many gay people like the veteran comedian even for his gay jokes. Seriously, how did he manage to do that?

One can follow him in twitter where he is a famous man with 174 k followers. His twitter tweetname is @Ornyadams and twitter description is

“Overnight sex symbol thanks to MTV Teen Wolf. Teen Choice Award winner for Hardest Nipples. First love stand up comedy.”

And to view a really cool interview on him one can go to the following site:

Source: http://wsf1027fm.blogspot.com/2013/11/orny-adams-interview.html

Also, to check out his blog for his writings such as “My Dad Found My Playboys”, one can go to the following site:

Source: http://ornyadams.blogspot.com/2006/08/my-dad-found-my-playboys_115578649348302079.html

Unfortunately, there are no shirtless pictures of him on the internet. His fans are dying to see more of manly side of him, which he usually shows via his stand-up comedy lines and co-ordinate expression in his stand-up comedy acts. Plus, he is just doing what he is passionate about. Now, he has no desire to get famous but just to make people laugh every day. Fact fully, his life till now has proved him as a learning man, once hated comedian for his wannabe and frustrated acts, now a top rated comedian known for projecting humanly part of people in sarcastic ways.

Last but not the least, one can check out his vine videos to laugh like crazy. It’s likely the veteran comedian has earned a high net worth over the years but it is not known.