Paul James | Biography

Posted On: 14 Jul, 2014

Paul James | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth N/A
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Wife/Spouse Not yet
Girlfriend N/A
Ethnicity African-American
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? No
Married Not yet
Net Worth $1.67 Million Dollars
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight N/A
Children/Kids Not yet

Paul James was born in America he is best actor of America. He is best known for his acting on his role of Calvin on ABC family television show Greek. James also did in many movies; he started the movie the architect. He has play in many movies and shows. He graduated from Syracuse University in 2003 with BA degree in theatre after he has lots of interest in acting and he became successful actor. He is member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. He is also appeared in one episode of NCIS in Los Angles.

James was born in Washington DC and he has graduated from Quince Orchard High School in Maryland In family he has a mother who was a school teacher at Watkins High School, he has only mother as his parents.  As well as actor he is also a good artist of USA. He has play in many movies, The Deerings where he did role of CJ, he played in Cold Case, Cry Wolf in 2005. He has play in many series like Twenty Question, The Architect. He did television series in 2007 doing role of Allen Hayes in without a trace.

James is popular for his role in ABC family Greek for four seasons which was most popular where he did role of gay. His acting was too real so all things that he is gay but actually he is not a gay he has affair with many girls and in this series he has been shirtless and he really looks too hot.  He did role of Calvin Owens a gay member where he has done main cast. All people like the act of James as an actor for his role as a gay. He has done the role too nicely, so he has nominated for Outstanding actor in Comedy series James has play in many TV series Like Bones, Lie to me, Torchwood, Spin, Crawlspace, Grey’s Anatomy and also all was hit and popular. He is best and good actor of USA, who has did well acting he has done well acting of gay so he has nominated for outstanding actor of comedian movie.

We have to be proud of him for his good acting of gay. He is popular actor of USA, so we can find a lot of information of him through different websites, internet sites. He is in Facebook, Instagram etc. wiki provide correct information about everyone so we can find lot of information of him though wiki as well as there is lots of pictures of him and his full biography. He is also in twitter where there is lots of follower of him. Information about coaches can be found in the many websites.

James is one of best actor of USA, as well as he is an artist and rugby. There are lots of pictures of James of corrigan and he has lots of band of him. He has BMW cars which is most expensive car as he is richest celebrity whose net worth is $1.67 million so it is normal for him to have BMW cars. He is tall and smart actor whose height is 5 feet 10 inches. Information about his age is not in the sites. He is handsome actor so anyone who could be his girlfriend could be lucky to find him as life partner of boyfriend. He has been dating with many girls but he is not a gay, his acting was only like a gay in Greek but he is not. He is superstar of USA and he will be more popular in future.