Rob Parker | Biography

Posted On: 21 Aug, 2014

Rob Parker | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth January 10, 1964
Age 57 Years 3 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Columnist
Wife/Spouse Unknown
Girlfriend N/A
Ethnicity African-American
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? No
Married Unknown
Net Worth $90 Million Dollars
Height 5 feet 9 inches(175 cm)
Weight N/A
Children/Kids N/A

Known to be the am American sports columnist of, Rob Parker has proved himself as a talented person. He is also a regular commentator of WDIV-TV which is from Local 4 Sports Final Edition. He was born in 10th of January, 1964 in Jamaica, Queens, New York. He has also previously worked for The Detroit News as a journalist and was also a member Of First Take which is a program of ESPN.

He has done both B.S. and Master in journalism. He started his career from 1986 and he is actively involved in this field till now. In 1993, he became the first black sports columnist at Detroit Free Press. In 1995, he shifted to Newsday which is located in New York. There also, he was the first black general sports columnist. Besides print media, he has also done work in radio and television. In case of radio, he got the opportunity to host for the first time in WDFN sports radio station in 1994. He also hosted the sports talk show “Parker and The Man” for over a decade in various radio stations. He also got opportunity to work with ESPN Radio which is located in New York.

Detroit is the first place in which he has started his career. This same place has given him the lot of successes as well as experiences. He got the work in WDIV-TV in 1993. He worked there for a long period of time. He was hired by the ESPN in 2003. He was the regular host of the popular program The First Take. There he has debated on very controversial topics as well. He has also got chance to appear in the program “Numbers Never Lie” in ESPN with the co-host Michael Smith.

Though he has been popular among the people, he has also gotten himself in many controversies. He has once said Hank Aoron a coward as he declined to attend a game when his record is being broke by Barry Bonds. He was suspended from The Detroit News for 2 weeks in 2008 as he commented that Michigan State Spartans were involved in a fight with Michigan State Hockey team. This controversial news was reproved by the coach who made him a guilty person. In that same year, he has questioned the coach of Lions, Rod Marinelli, in an unprofessional way which also caused him to resign from his job in The Detroit News. He asked that whether his daughter had married to a guy who is better defensive coordinator or not. This question was regarded as inappropriate to the public as well as to the wife of Joe Barry, who is the daughter of Marinelli himself.

The controversies did not end there. He again made the controversy remark in the program “The First Take” in 2012. He asked the questions to Robert Griffin III related to the racist view and he commented unnecessarily about the topic related to the blacks. This incident forced ESPN to announce the suspension of Parker for 30 days. After one month of the remark over Robrt Griffin iii contract was cancelled and he was fired from ESPN. They also told that Parker would not return to the program again.

He is a tall guy with the height of 6 feet. He has currently reached to the age of 50 from 2014. He is very popular in social sites as well. He has large number of followers in twitter. He has the net worth of $90 million including his salary. Though he has commented much controversial news, he is the lover of the small children. He has the great devotion towards his wife, so their relationship is not going to deteriorate soon. So, the question about divorce is out in the air. To know more about him, you can visit wiki and other internet sources.