Valerie Cruz | Biography

Posted On: 12 Aug, 2014

Valerie Cruz | Biography

Quick Facts

Date of Birth July 18, 1976
Age 44 Years 9 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Husband/Spouse Not yet
Boyfriend Robbie Williams(break-up)
Ethnicity Hispanic
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Not yet
Body Measurements 34-30-23 inches
Net Worth $20 Million Dollars
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 123 lbs
Children/Kids Not yet

“It’s unfortunate that creatively, the network shows are dictated by dollar and the target audience. You can’t just say, ok, this is our target audience and who we’re writing for and if it alienates some people, it’s alright because it’s not as important to us as the story and the characters.”  - Valerie Cruz

Born on Elizabeth, New Jersey, U.S.A, American Cuban femina Valeria Cruz, as far as we know, is known as an idiosyncratic actress, who has shortly appeared in various popular American television dramas since early 2000 but especially known for her appearance in unusual stories such as Nip/Tuck (series related to plastic surgery), Dresden (series related to urban magic), True Blood (series related to vampires), and Dexter (television series related to analyst/secret life serial killer).  

 As of 2014, at the age of 38, determined Valeria Cruz is trying to re-discover her lost indie-movies audience with the role of Barbara Stevens in upcoming American Belgian thriller movie The Loft. Also, this year, she is Agent Gina Mendez, a smart and cautious investigator, in the American television drama series The Following, which main theme is catching a serial killer and his murderous cult.

Anyway, Valeria joined American acting industry at the age of 26 from television series Strong Medicine in the year 2002. Since then to now, she has made her name in cable and network series plus earned shiny reputation of choosing strong independent movies. Her work in diverse acting environments from cable to networks series and movies has earned a high net worth of 3.5 million American dollars to 5 million American dollars. Plus, the BFA theatre degree that she got from Florida State University strengthens her attachment to theatre and acting. Other wiki on her professional life can be extracted from Wikipedia’s biography on her.

In her more than 10 years of acting career, Valeria never had to struggle in looking beautiful. One can say she is a fitness addict, but not totally a crazy one. Past personal trainer and group exercise instructor, Valeria eats lots of green vegetables every day to keep her PH level in balance. From her busy career, the lesson she has learned is no matter how busy you are or how much you are making monthly; they are nothing if you can’t smile the next morning when you wake up plus these achievements are nothing if your body has fallen apart down the way.

Because of her routinely exercise ( leg workouts,  squats, pilates and  jump) and diet plans, Valeria even in her late 30’s is able to look hot with her slim hourglass shaped body with hard to maintain body measurements of 34-30-23 inches. Moreover, she uses exercise as a coordinated solution to reduce stress and at the same to keep her body fit and fine. Also, she has a good height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Nevertheless, it’s true that Valerie previously suffered from a back injury which forced her to quit intense exercises such as running, kickboxing and Spin class. Anyway, it’s been years since the injury and Valerie has probably recovered from it in a short time because of her deep love for her own body and don’t forget those meaty/shapely soft legs; they really are the product of lots of hard work. Moreover, the major factor that makes her a sexy woman are not only her big breast, fit figure, shapely legs and well-cared brown eyes/hair but also her shy/ smart attitude and fun-loving personality.  

Now moving on to her relationship status, Hispanic beauty, Valeria’s engagement news was covered by many online magazines and many other media in the year 2011. Anyway, in 2014, she in many interviews has officially stated that she is a single woman. Clearly, the engagement of Valeria and the London mystery man couldn’t advance to the next level from a healthy dating life to a happy married life. Nevertheless, she is not sad because of the breakup but rather confused because she had such a healthy relationship with her boyfriend turned-fiancée. Furthermore, there are no other affair and divorce rumors on her except with the London mystery man.  

Good at dying on screen, Valeria is definitely back on-screen for a good amount of time because she will not likely get married soon to her dream husband. It takes time to connect with someone new or has she found someone after her failed engagement? Surely, these are some unanswered questions. 

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