David Muir Married, Wife or Partner, Gay, Affair

Posted On: 04 Apr, 2014

David Muir Married, Wife or Partner, Gay, Affair

Quick Facts

Date of Birth November 08, 1973
Age 47 Years 10 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Journalist
Wife/Spouse N/A
Boyfriend Sean (rumor)
Girlfriend N/A
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian Unknown
Partner N/A
Divorced? Unknown
Married Not Yet
Net Worth $2 million dollars
Height 1.80 m
Weight 167 pound (approx.)

His fans regard him as a classic example of a gentleman; TMZ calls him "Brad Pitt of News Television" plus everybody who has met him has said that he is a genuine and real guy.

Meet David Muir, a veteran television journalist for ABC News who is the most used reporter in the history of ABC News and one of the most recognized American Journalists.

People close to David say he has amazing communication skills with which he makes people heart go Sha la la la. 

But who makes his heart go Sha la la la?  Was he never in a relationship before? Is he a gay? These question has become 21st century's one of the most talked about the topics of the media.

 For many women, he may be a perfect prospective husband they are looking for. He is both fruitful and unmarried. But unfortunately, his relationship status has always been in mystery. 

One rumor tried to break that mystery projecting Muir as an already engaged man. The rumor was led by a man claiming to be his fan, who wrote that David talked about his engagement and loved ones. David has adopted no response strategy to this issue.

He looks like a catalog model and hosts the weekend episode of World News for ABC. His trademarks are his brown suits, puppy dog eyes, and his unique personality. 

Talking about cut and dried way, he is a single man, probably never been married and probably not gay. But it is speculated by his gay fans that he is a gay. He is often criticized by media for not talking about his sexuality. As his fans number ranges in millions, those millions of people are interested to know about his relationship status.

While Muir was giving no response to any rumors, it will be safe to say he is a single guy. With saying that, one can say he has had affairs in the past that he hasn’t revealed in the media. 

Otherwise, assuming talented, charismatic, good-looking, and successful Muir has not involved in any relationship till now will not make any sense in general. It’s just that he is a type of guy who will like to keep the name of his partner in secret. 

Anyway, fans are likely to be more attracted to any celebrity, if he or she is a single person. In this case, Muir has mainly attracted lots of women and gay fans.

There are few extremely hot photos of David on the internet posing shirtless. If you are one of his women fans, you may have already seen and adored those pictures. 5 feet 11 inches, David net worth is speculated to be $ 2 to 5 million in range.

”Who is the “Angelina Jolie” of this “Brad Pitt of News Anchors?” David only knows the answer to this question. Anyway, whoever will be his wife in future, she is likely going to make millions of women jealous in the United States.