Ginger Zee Hot, Feet and Legs

Posted On: 07 Apr, 2014

Ginger Zee Hot, Feet and Legs

Quick Facts

Date of Birth January 13, 1981
Age 40 Years 1 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Television Personality
Husband/Spouse Ben Aaron
Boyfriend Ben Aaron
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Yes (2014)
Body Measurements 34-25-34 inches
Net Worth $400 thousand dollars and annual salary of $100 thousand
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight N/A

Ginger Zee, 33, is the leader of extreme weather team of ABC and an expert on reporting storms.

Ok! We can agree on the fact that she may not be the prettiest woman in the industry regarding facial beauty, but she is the hottest of the hottest regarding body configuration. Her banana shaped super model look like the body has a perfect measurement of 34-25-34 inches. Those beautiful and hot legs are extremely dangerous. It can attack your minds in seconds, and you will not be able to think anything except those legs for sure.

For those of you who are not familiar with Banana shaped body, women with banana shaped have slim shoulders and hips, flat belly, smaller breasts and butt cheeks. She likes to stay fit and shaped and has a weight of 124 lbs.

It’s no secret that woman’s body attracts more male fans in the television industry mainly. Anyway, her some bikini pictures can be found on the internet. She was wearing a bikini while reporting weather as a weather anchor for various shows of “Good Morning America” on ABC. If you haven’t checked them out, you have missed a lot.

If you are banana shaped like her, you should wear tiny triangles bikini to compliment your firm slender body with smaller curves.

The discussion on her hotness is not over. We already know she is a hot woman. But what makes her incredibly sexy is the combination of her extrovert personality, girls’ next door attributes, interest on extreme sports like skiing perfectly shaped body, knowledge on weather, gorgeous smile, friendly and expressive personality, much hard-working nature much more. Actually speaking, she has many of impressive qualities, hobbies, and interests and therefore, the question “What makes her sexy” may have long answers.

Anyway, I am not out of words, and I will not stop praising her in this article. She started working from small local stations and made her way up to ABC as a weekend meteorologist and then she was promoted to weather anchor for Good Morning America by ABC’s management in 2013. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say she has done well for herself regarding finance as her net worth is $400,000 and her salary is $100,000.

And regarding love life, she has never been happy in her life like the year 2013 and 2014. In 2013, she got engaged to WNBC-Tv’s Ben-Aron, who is her colleague and she defines him as her soul mate.

Many people have used up lots of their time searching for her real name. Yes it true, Zee in “Ginger Zee” is not her real name. In fact, her real name is Ginger Renee Zuidgeest. People call her Zee because it’s hard to pronounce Zuidgeest. Anyway, if you are wondering about how she got her name Ginger, the name was given by her father being inspired by his favorite character “Ginger” from the show “Gilligan's Island.” Her Dutch father used to watch the show to learn English more correctly.

Her ethnicity is Dutch and American, and her nationality is American. She was born on January 31, 1981, in Orange, California but grew up in Michigan.

For me, she is the perfect example of a person who tries to do everything to fulfill his/her childhood dreams. Her passion for meteorology derives from her childhood sights of storms over Lake Michigan.

Normally, article of this type generally would be short, but we are talking about extremely outgoing and adventurous Zee here. Moreover, she is also a good dancer.  

She teams up with the champion of the show “Dance with Superstars”, Derek Hough for an exclusive Oscar party in a stunning gold skirt and they both give an amazing dancing performance to help introduce the show. Maybe she will dance in her wedding as well, which is speculated to be in June of 2014.

There are not so many rumors about her, but one that has risen in media lately is about her pregnancy. But I have to disappoint you, folks, because the rumor is false. It doesn’t mean a woman is pregnant just because she wore loose dresses in some occasions. Anyway, for the type of person she is, she would certainly tell media if she gets pregnant.

To know more about the 5 feet 7 inches gorgeous Zee, one can connect with her via Facebook or Twitter. Wikipedia will certainly be a good option to explore her working career. We will forward any new wiki about her in future days via our site to our viewers.