Suzy Kolber Married and Husband

Posted On: 13 Mar, 2014

Suzy Kolber Married and Husband

Quick Facts

Date of Birth May 14, 1964
Age 56 Years 11 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Reporter
Husband/Spouse Eric Brady
Boyfriend Not Yet
Ethnicity White
Is Gay/Lesbian No
Partner Not Yet
Divorced? Not Yet
Married Yes
Body Measurements 30-23-33 inches
Net Worth $18 Million Dollars
Height 1.70 m
Weight 61 kg
Children/Kids Kellyn

Today, it's time for some gossip related to the personal life of a well-known sport-media personality, Suzy Kobler. Who is in her 40's.  She is now involved in ESPN.

I would also like to include she is one of the hottest sports reporters to watch. Not only she is smart, beautiful and educated but also she is a hardworking single mom who has some real knowledge of football.

In 2008, she gave birth to her daughter Kellyn. It's not been too long since she and her husband Eric Brady married. They are in love and adore each other.

They even get recognised as a couple who can balance work life with professional life. But now everybody recognises her as a single mother, and there's even rumor that she is divorced.

Since she wants to keep up her personal life privacy, we have no choice expect speculating the chance. People think that they were dating before marriage.

People also speculate that the problem in her personal life started during 2009 when she had a hard time managing her work with the responsibility for her daughter.

But indeed, she managed the responsibility very well and maintained professionalism in her work. People also believe that Kellyn is a test tube bay.

But we can't speculate anything about her relationship with her husband/ex-husband and theirs rumored divorce.

Even they had a dispute, the reason for the divorce if occurred could be anything but again people like to make the assumption that the original reason is her more dedication to work-life and not to her personal life.

But the assumption certainly isn't practical enough as nobody can judge others and talk accurately about others without properly knowing them.

As she is an aware privacy person, we don't know much about her past affair or any possible boyfriends.

But the Namath kissing incident on December 20, 2003, raises her popularity when a Jets quarterback in a sideline interview with Kobler expresses twice his wish to kiss her and Kobler being a covering reporter on the scene, takes it as a huge compliment. Joe Namath later apologizes and blames the incident to the drinks he had. And in no time, Namath enters an alcoholism treatment program.

People get crazy with their rumors.Everybody will agree that Suzy Kobler is hot. But there are some individuals who think SuzyKobler is gay or lesbian.

And it won't take a dumb person to figure out that these people are only using humour and only want to see more visual of her beautiful feet and legs which are much of the time covered by her trousers.

She doesn't expose much and by her looks and dressing style some people speculate she is a lesbian or gay which she is not. In fact majority of individuals thinks, she is a cute and hot hard-working media personality. 

A funny website gay or allows you to rate your favourite celebrity sexual orientation. The site writes According to 125 visitors; Suzy Kobler is 74 percent gay.

Seriously, the internet survey humour astonishes me. Well, I think Suzy Kobler is getting more glam as she is getting older and I hope she keeps us entertained with her fantastic anchoring and reporting styles plus her excellent communication skills.