10 Things You Didn’t Know About Steffiana De La Cruz

They made a good match. In a very short time, they had become a couple and moved in together getting engaged in the fall of 2003 in June 2004.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Steffiana De La Cruz


Steffiana De La Cruz was born on August 28 in the USA. Steffiana De La Cruz is an Actress, known as Zookeeper (2011).


Kevin and Steffiana met on a blind date back in 2001 and while non of them is the type to share details of their private life.


She has been married to Kevin James since June 19, 2004. . Steffiana De La Cruz long-married his longtime boyfriend, in the course of their marriage of nearly 16 years Kevin and Steffiana occasional actress went on to welcome two more children this is their love story.

Steffiana and Kevin got married in a Catholic ceremony in California.

Steffiana De La Cruz


Kevin’s famous friend and occasional co-star Ray Romano from everybody loves Raymond was in attendance at the nuptials which will follow by a reception at the Montage resort in Laguna Beach, in 2005 Kevin had a breakthrough role on the big screen co-staring With will Smith with one hitch here.


They have four children. Kevin James and mother of two children. Steffiana were blessed with their first child daughter Sienna Murray after. After announcing Steffiana’s second pregnancy in 2007. Julle was born in June followed by the couple’s only son Canon Valentine. Steffiana gave birth in 2011. The party was completed in 2015 with the arrival of another daughter named Cystine Sabella.

Steffiana De La Cruz

King of queens was coming to an end Kevin shared his excitement about parenting with people telling the news. he just loves being a dad and spending with her wife Steffiana and her child, now they have another girl is incredible.

Series DAVI Gang (1997)

Steffiana had her own acting debut in 1997 way before she got to know her husband first a starring role in the series Davi Gang in 1997 which was followed by an appearance in the popular show Pacific Blue in 1999 in 2002.


She played a small role in Kevin’s show the King of Queens, where she went on to play different characters between 2004 and 2006.

Steffiana De La Cruz

Steffiana made two guest star appearances in the series that brought Kevin back to the small screen after nearly a decade Kevin can wait from 2016 to 2018.


So many years after the series ended the legacy of the King of Queens still lives in Kevin and now it is difficult for his fans not to associate with the comedy series not only did it give him a successful career but also gave them the opportunity to work with little talent.

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