6 Truths You Didn’t About Nadine Ellis

Here you are going to know 6 truths you didn’t about Nadine Ellis.

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6 Truths You Didn’t About Nadine Ellis


Nadine Ellis was born on 15th April 1971 in New York. Nadine Ellis is an American actress and also a member of the pussycat dolls modern blue scholars dancers.


She is best known for her roles as Stacy Lawrence in the drama series. she has also been cast in a minor role in the 2000 comedy feature, she has a guest start on the training day series and she has also been featured in films like Iron Man 2.

Nadine Ellis


Nadine Ellis is a Beautiful talented, dancer, actress, and choreographer. Dance is still her first love, it was the first thing as a kid you’re searching trying to find what is that you do everyone’s like one of you doctor but she wants to be a lawyer, she was saying like I want to be a doctor because her mother wanted to hear but it wasn’t really.

Nadine Ellis

Nadine was just 13 and started dancing pretty. in the 13 she really jumped into dance and found that and realize it was her thing, it was the thing he did well and it come naturally for her that was really her love and luckily and she had an angel Terry Rosenberg in long island New York who really took her under and said you’re a dancer.

Nadine Ellis

Lost Teacher

In high school she lost her ballet teacher she went to performing Arts in New York and losing her ballet teacher to HIV and watched him go from his vibrant beautiful man who was such a gorgeous dance himself and beautiful gift of teaching dance to young people. She starts planting the seeds now so that this is not an issue for the next generation and generations to come.

Nadine Ellis

Favorite Movie

Nadine Ellis’s favorite movie The Imitation in 2014. Nadine thoughts that Benedict Cumberbatch has the ability to completely disappeared he has very simple that like Daniel Day-Lewis has been your kind of like you acknowledge the actors around him but you forget he’s not the actual guy they go to give you details of what the actual person and what happened to them that wasn’t him.

Up-Coming Series

Nadine Ellis has a little mini-series of horror minutes series coming out on a hora, it’s gun fighting it’s called lock two for the love I’acqua 2 on tv one.

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