Avatar: The Way of Water Cast, Actors, Producer, Director, Roles, Salary

Avatar The Way of Water
Movie Avatar: The Way of Water
Director(s) James Cameron,
Producer(s) Jon Landau, James Cameron
Writer(s) James Cameron, Josh Friedman
Running Time N/a
Release Date December 16, 2022

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Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng playing as Dr. Karina Mogue

Michelle Yeoh
RoleDr. Karina Mogue
Real NameMichelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng
Age59 years old (in 2022)
Known forDon't Die Too Hard! 2001
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Zoë Yadira Saldaña Nazario playing as Neytiri

Zoe Saldana
Real NameZoë Yadira Saldaña Nazario
Age43 years old (in 2022)
NationalityAmerican, Dominican
Known forBroadway stage
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Samuel Henry John Worthington playing as Jake Sully

Sam Worthington
RoleJake Sully
Real NameSamuel Henry John Worthington
Age45 years old (in 2022)
ProfessionActor, Producer
NationalityBritish, English, Australian
Known forBest Known For The Portrayals Of Jake Sully In Avatar
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Kate Elizabeth Winslet playing as Ronal

Kate Winslet
Real NameKate Elizabeth Winslet
Age46 years old (in 2022)
Known forEllen Ripley
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Antonino Giovanni Ribisi playing as Parker Selfridge

Giovanni Ribisi
RoleParker Selfridge
Real NameAntonino Giovanni Ribisi
Age47 years old (in 2022)
ProfessionActor, TV Actor
Known forMarius Josipovic
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Sigourney Weaver playing as Dr. Grace Augustine

Sigourney Weaver
RoleDr. Grace Augustine
Real NameSigourney Weaver
Age72 years old (in 2022)
ProfessionActress, Comedian
Known forEllen Ripley
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Stephen Lang playing as Miles Quaritch

Stephen Lang
RoleMiles Quaritch
Real NameStephen Lang
Age69 years old (in 2022)
ProfessionScreen and Stage Actor and Playwright.
Known forRoles in films including Manhunter (1986), Gettysburg (1993), Gods and Generals (2003), Public Enemies (2009) and Don't Breathe (2016).
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Oona Castilla Chaplin playing as Varang

Oona Chaplin
Real NameOona Castilla Chaplin
Age35 years old (in 2022)
NationalitySpanish, British
Known forTalisa Maegyr in the HBO TV series Game of Thrones
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Jemaine Atea Mahana Clement playing as Dr. Ian Garvin

Jemaine Clement
RoleDr. Ian Garvin
Real NameJemaine Atea Mahana Clement
Age48 years old (in 2022)
ProfessionActor, Musician, Comedian, Sreenwriter and Director
NationalityNew Zealand
Known forBeing the Second Actor to Play Nicholas Alamain on the NBC daytime soap Days of Our Lives from 1999-2000
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Clifford Vivian Devon Curtis playing as Tonowari

Cliff Curtis
Real NameClifford Vivian Devon Curtis
Age53 years old (in 2022)
NationalityNew Zealand
Known forFoundations
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Edie Falco playing as General Frances Ardmore

Edie Falco
RoleGeneral Frances Ardmore
Real NameEdie Falco
Age56 years old (in 2022)
Known forDiane Whittlesey
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Chloe Coleman playing as Young Lo'ak

Chloe Coleman
RoleYoung Lo'ak
Real NameChloe Coleman
Age13 years old (in 2022)
Known forAmerican Actress
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Joel David Moore playing as Norm Spellman

Joel David Moore
RoleNorm Spellman
Real NameJoel David Moore
Age44 years old (in 2022)
Known forCut Throat City
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Matt Gerald playing as Corporal Lyle Wainfleet

Matt Gerald
RoleCorporal Lyle Wainfleet
Real NameMatt Gerald
Age51 years old (in 2022)
Known forMelvin Potter on Netflix's
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playing as Aonung of the Metkayina Clan

Filip Geljo
RoleAonung of the Metkayina Clan
Known forKitteung Por Sang Keb 1992
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