Jim Cantore – Biography, Height & Life Story

Jim Cantore
Real Name Jim Cantore
Profession Meteorologist
Nationality American
Age 51 Years 4 Month(s)
Date of Birth February 16, 1964
Birthplace United State

Physical Stats

Height 5 ft 7 inch (173 cm)

The handsomely dashing American television anchor and meteorologist Jim Cantore is a well-known personality in America. He was born on February 16, 1964, in Beacon Falls Connecticut province of the United States.

He was raised in White River Junction in Vermont. He was a music-loving and nature-loving child since his early days. He was grown in a supportive family who supported and inspired him in his every task. Due to his huge indulgence in nature and weather, he made his career in this field as a meteorologist.

At the age of 22, Jim Cantore attended Lyndon State College in the year 1986. he had his first job during his college days which was sponsored by The weather channel in the same year in July. He says his career began in a small building having a small room with some casual satellite pictures and dialing radars. Recognizable figure Cantore is a successful meteorologist who is seldom selected to record different weather events.

He is well known for his live field recordings of the weather events like Gustav, Andrew, Rita, Katrina, Floyd, Mitch, Hurricanes Ike, etc. the events such as the Winter X Games, PGA tournaments, Space Shuttle Discovery launch, etc. were also covered by talented Jim Cantore. He is also a member of the American meteorological society and national weather association.

He is also the narrator of the TWC series named Storm stories and also hosted the 2012 summer Olympics. Storm tracker Jim Cantore was charged on January 28, 2014, by one of his students at the College of charleston situated in charleston. He hit the boy in his stomach with his knees which disturbed him during the live broadcast.

In 2002, his hard work, dedication, and innovative use of radars and satellites lead him to receive the NOAA award. He also has contributed a lot to weather reporting and meteorology including landscapes and thundersnow.

While working on TWC, he met Tamra Cantore. After falling in love with each other, they both got married. They had a good marital relationship and had two children. He has a daughter Christina born in 1993 and a son Ben in 1995. Eventually, he found that his wife was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and his children had Fragile X syndrome. Due to not having a peaceful relationship with his wife, he had a divorce her in the year 2007.

The rock star of meteorology Jim Cantore earns a handsome salary and has $3.5 million as his net worth. He is a popular weather forecaster and newsreader on the weather channels. He is also a social worker who contributes his time and provides some financial support to the different social organizations being a celebrity cabinet member of the American Red Cross society.

50 years old Cantore is physically fit and mentally sound with good height and an attractive personality. He is five feet and eight inches tall. The way he reveals the news and his flawless conversation is the point of attraction to the audience towards him. Brave Cantore has a photogenic look and the ability to face every obstacle during his recordings. Due to his fearless attempts, he is praised a lot by his audiences, viewers, and well-wishers.

Cantore has numerous fans for his bravery and attempts among his fans, most of them youths and teenagers. The youths interested in meteorology accept him as their icon and inspiration. After gaining lots of love and praise, he still has some rumors about him. He is assumed to be gay which is not true at all and is also said to be dating which is still a mystery.

Despite all the rumors, he still is loved by all. Numbers of search on him is made on the TV and internet and other networking sites such as wiki, Twitter, and Google which includes his biography and his shirtless pictures and other photos


Net Worth $3.5 Million dollar


Wife Tamra Cantore (div.)
Children Ben Cantore, Christina Cantore

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