Suzy Kolber – Biography, Height & Life Story

Suzy Kolber
Real Name Suzy Kolber
Profession Sports Presenter and Reporter
Nationality American
Age 56 Years 9 Month(s)
Date of Birth May 14, 1964
Birthplace America

Physical Stats

Height 1.70 m
Body Type 30 - 23 - 33 inchs

American Football players are skillful with healthy body figures and feet. American football attracts an enormous amount of American football fans all over the world. Plus the beautiful, hot and educated sideline reporter.

Suzy Kolber reporting the site adds a lot of enthusiasm to the scene. Watching the big feet of the players in action, playing the tough game, you would also enjoy watching the beautiful feet of Suzy Kolber.

She has an average height of  1.5 m with beautiful legs. Often people praise her about her legs and beauty, and she also knows that. She is good on her communication skills as well.

Perhaps I am over expressive, but lots of people all over the world think she is a beautiful, hot and sexy woman. This has made her one of the most famous media personalities in the world. ESPN team also loves their dazzling co-producer and sportscaster so much that since her joining she has been the most important part of theirs network NFL coverage.

She had strong screen-sports reporting history before joining Espn.  Espn also recognized her potential and then from 1993 her mythical journey started from the National Football League to  X Games and Grand Slam tennis.

Hosting lots and lots of programs, she helped ESPN news in gaining popularity.  As a Member of MNF team, she also enjoys Monday night football being the most watched show in the Television history during 2006.

Now it’s time for some gossip. Everybody knows she is hot and sexy. Look at her pictures over the internet or watch her show on ESPN and you judge it.

The famous Namath incident increases her popularity on December 20, 2003, when former Jet quarterback in a public interview states twice about always want to kiss her. He went up to saying he didn’t care much about the team struggling, and the beautiful Kobler took it as a compliment as she was just covering a New York Jets Game.

This incident also gives a name to the blog managed by a group of unsanctioned sports bloggers as “Kissing Suzy Kobler.”

Her photos in a bikini and various other pictures are still very popular on the internet. Although she is now a mom with her loving husband Eric Brady by her side, we still think she is the hot and sexy girl with an exceptional education. She has a lot of fan following on the networking sites.

She doesn’t want to show much about her personal life to the media. She enjoys Bachelor of Arts Degree in Telecommunications from Miami University. We congratulate her efforts and wish a bright future to the experience media personality and the hottest reporter in the world.


Net Worth $4 Million


Mirtial Status Yes

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