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Bob Costas

People began to make fun of Bob Costa as a new Cheez and Chong movie character gone high due to his pink/red eye during Sochi Olympics, 2014.

But the host doesn’t care much about people extracting some fun out of him.

During one of the coverage of Sochi Olympics by NBC, he rather makes serious comments about Russian Government stating the government funding in the Serial regime, the government imprisoning dissidents, the government role relating to the situation in Ukraine and concerns shown by Ukrainian players.

And Russian hostility to gay rights and further states that no Olympic glory can mask these hard realities and Putin is an autocrat.

The pink/red-eye incident of Costas gets lots of space in media. Costa gets an infection in his eyes during the opening night of Sochi Olympic coverage of Thursday, February 6 and tries to cover his eyes wearing thick glasses which look even funny on him.

People even make fun of him saying that he got those pink eyes by drinking too much of Russian Vodkas. A strong rumor suggests that his eye infection is a result of Botox procedures gone wrong.

A spokesperson from NBC denies the story later.After that, he hosts five nights for NBC. The infection spreads so much that it makes him unable to do his hosting duties.

He recovers after six days and hosts Monday Night Primetime Broadcast on February 17. The incident also gets popular because Costa has been a trademark for Olympics coverage in America and he has always been the part of NBC’s Olympic coverage since 1998 except this incident.

Costas gets into controversies from time to time, and his rating goes up and up by these controversies.

Other major debates of Bob include comment on wrestling tycoon Vince McMahon television programs objectifying girls role and raising violence in society during an interview with him, challenging America’s pro-gun culture during an NFL broadcast in 2012 and comment about drug abuse by Chinese Olympians in Beijing Olympics 2008.

There is a lot of rumor going on that Costa is a right-wing supporter. One of the examples, why people believe he is a right-wing, is because in a recent NBC on-air coverage of the opening of Sochi Olympics, he portrays Putin as statesmen superior to Obama and more powerful.

He is 61 years old of age. He is 1.5 m in tall. His height regarding feet will probably be 5’7” inches. I also want it to connect to an incident when Don Ohlmeyer, then head of the NBC Sports division, says Costa looks like a 14-year-old when NBC hires 28-year-old Costa.

His major works include coverage and sports related shows of Olympics, major league baseball, National Basketball Association League, National Football League, and National Hockey League.

He is also famous for his talk show hosting. He has also worked for HBO network, MLB network, Syracuse Blazers, KOMX Radio, WGN-TV. One of the most interesting coverages of Bob Costa includes, The Sandberg game between Chicago Cubs and St.Lous Cardinals on June 23, 1984, His comments is still significant and I want to share with you folks.

“Do you believe it?!” The Cardinals’ Willie McGee hit for the cycle in the same game.” He is also famous for the two match telecast for ESPN with Joe Morgan on Central Baseball League.

We can see he has majored in communication and rhetorical studies from Syracuse University, and he has all the skills, awards, work achievements and promotions that a star sportscaster of America should have. To know more about him detail, we recommend Wikipedia and other biographies on him.

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