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Brooke Elliott
Real Name Brooke Elliott
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Age 40 Years 7 Month(s)
Date of Birth November 16, 1974
Birthplace United States

Physical Stats

Height 1.65 m

American actress and singer, Brooke Elliott is best known for her acting in musical theatre “Beauty and The Beast” and “Wicked”, Broadway’s  “Taboo” and “Private Queen”, television series” Drop Dead Diva” and big screen movie “What Woman Want”.

She is a bit overweight but that’s the attribute that’s helping her get the kind of role she fits for. She has been the source of inspiration for those who suffer from poor body image. Her role as Jane Bingum in “Drop Dead Diva” has taught us one important lesson: that is to love yourself despite what others say or how you look.

She has an apple-shaped body with a height of 5 feet and 4 inches. She is an unconventional actress in the weight-obsessed acting industry. She doesn’t think she should go for a weight loss scheme to be a better actress and to look beautiful. She dresses beautifully and elegantly and still looks sexy despite her weighted measurements of 36C-26-32.

Firstly, talking about her relationship status, American Sun-Times possesses a strong back-up on its reporting of Brooke and her rumored boyfriend’s plans for shopping for their engagement ring, from the people who claim to be close to the couple. If the reporting and further arising rumors are correct, the couple is planning to get married soon after a long period of dating. However, Brooke’s representative has adopted the “no-comment policy” on this topic.

Moreover, it is said that her rumored future husband is extremely happy because Brooke got pregnant recently. Her pregnancy rumors started rising after some media reported about spotting Brooke with a prominent stomach bulge on Monday evening (April 14, 2014), during a romantic date nearby her place.

Anyway, these above-mentioned rumors about her are neither confirmed nor denied: thereby creating a good chance of accuracy.

Born on November 16, 1984, Brooke is American by nationality and has a net worth of around USD 245 million. She is famous for her quote “The majority of women in America look like me. It’s one of the things I love about the show.”

Before joining the acting industry, she was into singing and indeed, was a very good musical theatre singer. She has received her voice training from professional singing teacher Jane Grace Kennedy. Interested in acting since her childhood, Brooke has obtained acting training from the renowned acting coach Bob Krakower after completion of her studies. Even during her college days, she participated in college dramas.

Her journey to success was never easy. But with her dedication, she reached this far. She has to struggle a bit working for a restaurant to earn her living before joining the acting industry.

The most amazing thing about her is that she believes in herself and cares about her acting capabilities. However, she knows to wear dresses that hide her flaws. When she poses in her skirts proudly showing her beautiful legs, she looks like the happiest person in the world. It is a fact that her dress size is quite larger but her personality and her heart are much larger and perhaps, because of that, she has been able to make her name uniquely in the acting business

Brooke Elliott was born in United States . Brooke Elliott is Actress by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


Net Worth $245 million

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