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Caroline Aherne
Real Name Caroline Aherne
Profession Comedian
Nationality English
Age 52 Years 1 Month(s)
Date of Birth December 24, 1963
Birthplace United States

Physical Stats

Body Type N/A

We know that Bafta award-winning Veteran English Comedian and actress, Caroline Mary Aherne is best known for The Mrs. Merton Show, The Fast Show, and The Royal family. But, did you know that she has been a warrior her whole life?

She is a warrior who didn’t give up. Because of a broken marriage, a drinking problem, a major depression issue, and a series of unproductive romances, in 1998 she attempts suicide. After that, she gets treated at the priority clinic with different therapies. After getting treated, she flees to Australia for peace.

Queen of English drama Aherne, after returning from Australia fully concentrated on her work and avoided unnecessary media attention.

Now, let’s move a way back in past and analyze her childhood days. Born to an Irish railway worker family in Earling, London, and raised since the age of 2, Caroline in her childhood suffers from, a rapidly developing eye cancer, like her brother. Sadly, the disease makes her partially sighted in one eye. Despite the disease, she studies drama later at Liverpool Polytechnic University. She gets her basic school education from Hollies Convent Grammar School in West Didsbury.

Married to singer/bass artist Peter Hook from 1994 to 1997, highly intelligent with an IQ of 176, Aherne, started her career answering the phones at the BBC office in Manchester. Just look where she is now today. For her admitting reality is a way of finding peace. She was always known as a high-maintenance girl in her relationships.

She never faked who she was. She worked hard to earn success and make people laugh in the early days. Just by making people laugh, she could make millions. She had her conflict in her life, coping with the pressure of success, adapting to different environments, and working out relationships.

With all of the pressures in mind, she was also equally focused on her writing/acting career when she went through her depression phase in late 1990. She was into smoking and she was an alcoholic back then. It is even said that she smoked more than The Royal family’s character Denise Best but she never used drugs. , She hated drugs but use to get drunk regularly.

She has always been a covert type of person. Maybe, that’s because of her childhood. Being born in a not-so-rich family of Irish railway workers plus having rare cancer since her infancy, she was coping with all sorts of social and economic pressures since her childhood. She used to wear a patch on one eye till she reached 20.

But, she always comes as a talented, charming, and sexy woman. When she did The Miss Merton show, she even made the old lady Merton on the sofa desirable and sexy. The old lady didn’t hesitate to show some cleavage on her legs. Her character Denise in the Royal family was hot and sexy as well.

She is said to have had a breast reduction procedure in her late 20s but the news isn’t variable. She is in her early 50’s now but getting prettier. She doesn’t have the most desiring figure or looks in the industry, but what she has is talents, a fit body, exotic eye and body moments, a magnetic voice, attracting big boobs, and a motive in life and that’s the reason why she is successful today.

Many of the men desired her but it was her Australian internet entrepreneur boyfriend, Brett Whitford, with whom she had a most positive relationship. She has thought about having a family and children but concluded not to get pregnant because of her hereditary eye disease which may pass on to her kids.

We wish success to the most real celebrity Caroline, who has not only achieved success in life but also withstood as a role model for millions.

Caroline Aherne was born in United States . Caroline Aherne is Comedian by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


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