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Charlie Stayt
Real Name Charlie Stayt
Profession Journalist
Nationality British, English
Age 52 Years 10 Month(s)
Date of Birth June 19, 1962

Physical Stats

Height 1.63 m (approx.)

If there are certain things completely insane in this world it would be things like: trying to kill someone in public; giving your Facebook’s password to someone you’ve just met?? But, NO! I think that someone could be called insane enough to tell you that he fell in love with his wife only after they got divorced!

“It had been 8 years we were married. We got divorced an year back. Our first kid is 6 now the second one is 3. But, I never loved my wife as mine. I loved her like a man loves her woman. I was only after her money.

She worked as a manager in a multinational company and earned what people call fortune!” Charlie tells. “I wonder why did she even marry me? I was no match to her from the first days.

Her mother always told her that she had been wasting her time on me! My mother on the other hand would tell me I must have been blessed to get such a wife.”

“She is the prettiest girl i have seen till today. With that height and that body figure she could get any man lured.

An angel I tell you! That blonde long hair of her when is let free it gives you a symphony of the sun at dusk hiding itself by the hill so far! I bet people would pay all the money they have just to buy that wig, that golden blonde hair of hers.

She is of an average height but the height of her gratitude if could be compared to something she would always win! She is the perfect mother for my children and used to be a perfect wife for me too!”

“I was 25 when i got married with her, I thought that marrying her is not less than having your dreams fulfilled. Her salary was 5 times of mine. But she would never boast. She would always tell money was not everything. But to me it was.

I was 50 kgs when i was poor, later after getting married, within a month, I was 65 kgs. See money always mattered in my case, my weight’s case!”

“The spark of love first sparked within me when she gave me a family photo as a good-bye gift. It was the most well shot picture of mine according to her. And that day i felt complete to have seen her without tears, for her kids. She wanted to end things happily to let their kids know how much we loved each other.”

Charlie tells, “I was only Charlie when i was single. She was the one to make me Charlie Stayt. But I always took her for granted.

She meant nothing to me till the day I abandoned her. That day she took me by the hand and told me not to feel alone, she was always there for me. That day these words were just mere words for me, nothing more. Now I know what actually being left fells like!”

Charlie Stayt was born in . Charlie Stayt is Journalist by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.

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