Chris Carmack Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Chris Carmack
Real Name Chris Carmack
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Age 38 Years 10 Month(s)
Date of Birth December 22, 1980

Physical Stats

Height 185 cm

Chris Carmack  was born in December 22 ,1980 in USA .He is one of the popular actor, singer and as well as he also work in television show .He have most popular roles in two television shows they are  OC and nashville. There are lots of popular film of him they are The Reef, Alpha and Omega, Beauty and the Briefcase etc. He is one of the good looking actors of USA. He has work in lots of film.

Carmack is one of the popular actor in USA so he should be tall and good looking .He is tall and his height is average like others actor. He is also a top model of USA  had maintain his body as a model we can find a lot of picture of his.

He has lots of pictures in many website .We can also get a lot of information of his from Wikipedia there also we can find a lot of pictures. There is lots of followers in Facebook .We can also find him in twitter.

Carmack has two brother and sister. He loves his family lot and care for them. He is not so old; he is just 34 years old. As he is 34 years old he still looks as a young boy as well as handsome and hot. He enjoy playing sports game like basketball, football etc. He has study in Magruder High School at that time also he had interest on singing and acting.

After graduation he went to modeling and he also started doing yoga for fitness. He became a model and after that he went to Los Angles after two years for acting. He started his acting and modeling from that time again in 2005 he became model for Ezra Fitch. After that his life went very good he became a good actor, model and singer as well. He started doing lots of film and as well as modeling.

He had play in lots of movies. The movies are Bring it on again, the last ride, Candy paint and Shark Night etc. All the movies were good and popular. As he is one of the super hit actor as well as he is too handsome and good-looking all the girls are fan of him so obviously girl could be ready to go for dating with him. He has gone a lot of time for dating.

Carmack is not a gay but his character seems like he is a gay but he has dated lots of girls so it is clear that he is not a gay .I think he has a girlfriend because he is too handsome but there is no information of his girlfriend.

As he is too good-looking and a famous actor the one who will be the wife of his will be the luckiest person in her life but there is no information of his wife so we cannot say anything about it and about his married information is also not in the sites.

The drama nashville was the popular drama of Carmack which he played it in 2013 as a sexy and guitar player his character was like a gay so people thought he was a gay but it was only a drama which was too popular.

He has played in six episodes in drama and as well as he has been promoted for season 2.He had works so hard that he became a good actor as well as singer. He is model so he had work shirtless without wearing clothes.

We can get biography of Carmack through Wikipedia he is a good actor, singer and model. He can play any role nicely, so we can say that he is a good actor. He has play in lot of TV shows and drama. He is known as a good actor of USA.

Chris Carmack was born in . Chris Carmack is Actor by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.

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