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Cindy Day
Real Name Cindy Day
Profession Meteorologist
Nationality Canadian
Age 48 Years 2 Month(s)
Date of Birth March 20, 1967

Physical Stats

Height N/A
Body Type 34-24-35 inches

Global Maritimes ex-veteran newscaster and meteorologist, Cindy Day is now working as a broadcast meteorologist for CTV Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

While at CTV’s Global Maritimes, she proved her broadcasting journalism capabilities by appearing on weekday newscasts along with popular anchor Allan Rowe. For the people who are wondering about CTV’s place of origin, it is a Canada-based network.

And, you were right, if you guessed her nationality to be Canadian. Canadian television meteorologist, Cindy Day, who is a native of Ontario, Canada, has a long experience in weather broadcasting of more than 20 years. Interested in weather since her childhood, Cindy was born on March 20, 1967. The source of inspiration that influenced Cindy in her childhood a lot was her grandmother.

What is interesting about her grandmother (whose weather predictions most of the time used to be correct) is, that she used to make weather predictions by accumulated wisdom and careful observations. , Cindy has written an interesting book called “Grandma Says – weather Lore by Cindy Day ”, which has a collection of 80 weather-related sayings that Cindy recalls from her grandmother.

Her childhood thirst for the weather was fulfilled by her grandmother and thus in her childhood, she could understand the basics of weather-related topics which helped her more in understanding complex weather topics later in the future. Because of her increasing interest in weather, she joins McGill University and ultimately, acquires a degree in meteorology from there. She also joins Lakehead University later. After that, she finally starts her career at Environment Canada.

For Environment Canada she works as a meteorological equipment technician at the MacDonald Cartier Airport in Ottawa by looking after the weather equipment and later, updating the pilots with the weather information and forecasts.

After that, she joins a private radio in Canada hosting her unique shows. Later in the 1990’s she worked for Global and gets recognized as a prominent news/weather anchor in the country.

All of these past work experiences help her in joining CTV. She debuts at CTV on September 5, 2005, as the successor to popular meteorologist Peter Coade on CTV Atlantic.” In this way, we can see, that her professionalism in the field of news anchoring and weather broadcasting has been very high because of her dedication and consistency in the field. Maybe because of her busy professional career, she hasn’t got time to think about her boyfriend and all this stuff.

Or, maybe she doesn’t want to reveal her boyfriend or husband’s name in the media. But in either case, this complete mystery situation about the 47 years old veteran meteorologist’s relationship status is growing more interest in fans about her. As pf know, it is safe to speculate she is an unmarried woman. She is 47 years old of age now. But, still, she looks so sexy with her hot curvy figure and shapely legs and thighs.

She takes care of her body cautiously. Her exact height in terms of feet or meters is not revealed in the media, but looking at her videos and pictures, we speculate her height to be a little above average. She is amazingly famous on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, where her fans completely worship her like crazy.

Cindy Day was born in . Cindy Day is Meteorologist by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


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