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Constance Jablonski - Biography, Height & Life Story

Constance Jablonski was born in Lille, France. Constance Jablonski is an Actress and model by profession, find out more facts, education, weight, and more.

From a young age, Constance displayed an array of interests and talents. She was particularly passionate about sports, especially tennis, which she played competitively for nine years. Her commitment to tennis not only helped her develop discipline and a strong work ethic but also contributed to her toned physique, which would later become one of her standout features in the modeling world.

Nick Name Constance
Real Name Constance Jablonski
Profession Actress, Model
Known for international fashion model
Nationality French
Age 31 years old (in 2022)
Date of Birth April 17, 1991
Birthplace Lille, France
Hobbies Writing, Painting, Cooking
Zodiac Sign Aries

Constance Jablonski Early Life and Background:

Constance Jablonski was born on April 17, 1991, in Lille, a picturesque city in northern France known for its rich cultural history and vibrant architecture. She grew up in a supportive and close-knit family, with her mother being a pharmacist and her father an ophthalmologist. Constance has a brother named François-Xavier, with whom she shares a deep bond. Her upbringing in Lille was typical, filled with school activities, family gatherings, and hobbies that would later play a role in her modeling career.

Entry into Modeling:

Constance Jablonski’s entry into the modeling industry was somewhat serendipitous. In 2006, at the age of 15, she participated in the French Elite Model Look Contest, a prestigious modeling competition that has launched the careers of many top models. Although she did not win the competition, her participation caught the attention of several scouts and agencies. Recognizing her potential, she signed with Elite Model Management, one of the world’s leading modeling agencies.

Her first few years in the industry were marked by a gradual ascent. Constance Jablonski moved to New York City, a hub for fashion and modeling, to pursue her career more seriously. Her early work included a mix of runway shows, editorials, and advertising campaigns. She quickly became known for her striking blue eyes, high cheekbones, and classic beauty, which made her a favorite among designers and photographers.

Breakthrough and Rise to Fame:

Constance Jablonski breakthrough came in 2010 when she became an international face of Estée Lauder, one of the world’s most iconic beauty brands. This prestigious contract significantly boosted her visibility and credibility in the fashion industry. As an Estée Lauder ambassador, she appeared in numerous high-profile campaigns, advertisements, and promotional events, showcasing her versatility and appeal.

Her work with Estée Lauder opened doors to even more opportunities. Constance Jablonski walked the runway for some of the biggest names in fashion, including Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino. Her presence on the runway was marked by an elegant and confident stride, earning her a reputation as one of the most reliable and professional models in the industry.

Career Highlights:

Throughout her career, Constance Jablonski has achieved numerous milestones that highlight her impact and success in the modeling world. Here are some of her most notable career highlights:

  1. Estée Lauder Contract: Signing with Estée Lauder in 2010 was a turning point in her career. As a brand ambassador, she joined the ranks of legendary models such as Carolyn Murphy, Hilary Rhoda, and Joan Smalls. This role involved promoting the brand’s skincare, makeup, and fragrance lines, and helped establish her as a household name in beauty.
  2. Runway Shows: Constance has walked in countless runway shows for top designers. She has been a regular at fashion weeks in New York, Paris, Milan, and London, gracing the catwalk for brands like Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, and Dolce & Gabbana. Her ability to embody various fashion styles, from haute couture to ready-to-wear, has made her a sought-after model during fashion seasons.
  3. Magazine Covers and Editorials: Over the years, Constance has appeared on the covers of major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. Her editorial work has been featured in prestigious publications, showcasing her ability to adapt to different creative visions and themes.
  4. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is considered a pinnacle for many models. Constance had the honor of participating in this high-profile event multiple times, further cementing her status as a top model.
  5. Campaigns and Collaborations: Beyond Estée Lauder, Constance has been the face of numerous fashion and beauty campaigns. She has worked with brands such as Calvin Klein, H&M, and L’Oréal, demonstrating her versatility and widespread appeal.

Personal Style and Influence:

Constance Jablonski’s personal style is a reflection of her French roots, blending classic elegance with contemporary trends. She is often seen in effortlessly chic outfits, favoring minimalist designs, tailored pieces, and neutral color palettes. Her style icons include French fashion legends such as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, whose influence is evident in her sartorial choices.

As a model, Constance has also had a significant influence on fashion trends. Her appearances on the runway and in fashion editorials have helped popularize various styles and looks. Whether it’s a bold makeup trend or a new way to style a classic piece, Constance’s impact on the fashion industry is undeniable.

Advocacy and Philanthropy:

Beyond her work in fashion, Constance Jablonski is committed to various philanthropic causes. She has used her platform to raise awareness and support for issues such as environmental conservation, women’s rights, and animal welfare. Her involvement in charitable activities reflects her belief in using her influence for positive change.

One of the causes closest to her heart is environmental sustainability. Constance has been vocal about the importance of protecting the planet and has supported organizations that work towards this goal. She has also participated in campaigns promoting sustainable fashion, encouraging consumers and designers to consider the environmental impact of their choices.

In addition to her environmental advocacy, Constance is passionate about women’s empowerment. She has been involved in initiatives that aim to support and uplift women, particularly in the fashion industry. By sharing her experiences and challenges, she hopes to inspire other women to pursue their dreams and break barriers.

Personal Life:

Constance Jablonski’s personal life has often been kept relatively private, allowing her to maintain a sense of normalcy despite her high-profile career. She is known for her down-to-earth personality and strong work ethic, traits that have endeared her to colleagues and fans alike.

In her free time, Constance enjoys various hobbies and activities. Her love for sports, particularly tennis, remains strong, and she often plays to stay fit and unwind. She also enjoys traveling, exploring new cultures, and spending time with her family and friends.

Constance’s ability to balance her professional and personal life is a testament to her grounded nature. Despite the demands of her career, she remains connected to her roots and values, which have guided her throughout her journey in the fashion industry.

Challenges and Resilience:

Like many models, Constance Jablonski has faced her share of challenges in the highly competitive and often demanding fashion industry. From the pressure to maintain a certain physical appearance to the intense travel schedules and the constant scrutiny, the life of a model is far from easy.

However, Constance’s resilience and determination have helped her navigate these challenges successfully. She has spoken openly about the importance of mental and physical well-being, emphasizing the need for balance and self-care. Her positive outlook and ability to stay focused on her goals have been key factors in her enduring success.

Future Endeavors:

As Constance Jablonski continues to evolve in her career, she remains open to exploring new opportunities and challenges. While modeling will always be a significant part of her life, she has expressed interest in branching out into other areas such as acting, business, and philanthropy.

Her passion for fashion and beauty extends beyond modeling, and she has hinted at the possibility of launching her own brand or line in the future. Whether it’s in design, skincare, or lifestyle, Constance’s expertise and experience in the industry would undoubtedly make any venture a success.

Additionally, Constance’s commitment to philanthropy and advocacy is likely to grow. She aims to use her platform to further support causes she believes in, making a meaningful impact on the world.


Constance Jablonski’s journey from a young girl in Lille to an internationally renowned supermodel is a story of talent, hard work, and perseverance. Her achievements in the fashion industry, combined with her dedication to philanthropy and advocacy, make her a role model for aspiring models and young women around the world.

Her ability to balance a high-profile career with her personal values and commitments sets her apart in an industry often characterized by its transient nature. As Constance continues to make her mark, her influence and legacy are sure to endure, inspiring future generations of models and fashion enthusiasts.

In an ever-changing industry, Constance Jablonski remains a constant—a symbol of timeless beauty, resilience, and grace.

Physical Stats:

Height 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Body Type Slim


Qualification High School Graduate


Salary $80,000
Net Worth $8 Million Approx


Father Paolo Guzzanti
Mother Germana Antonucci
Mirtial Status Single

Favorite Things:

Favorite Food Chicken Rice
Favorite TV Show Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Actress Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite Actor Matt Damon
Favorite Colour Black


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