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Eddie Vedder

Singer-songwriter and musician Eddie Vedder is best known as the vocalist of Pearl Jam and the voice behind the melodious tracks of the movie “Into the Wild.” He has an estimated net worth of 80 million dollars. The salary and income he gets is a high amount. With a significant height and great personality, Eddie Vedder has guaranteed the music scenario as a talented artist. This popular artist has profiles on wiki and Twitter and many Webpages contain a collection of his quotes. He has a long set list with numerous songs recorded and performed. His short biography is illustrated later in this text. Born on December 23, 1964, in Evanston, Illinois as Edward Louis Severson III, Eddie Vedder had an unstable childhood. Eddie Vedder was raised in Chicago; Vedder was just 1 year of age when his parents divorced. His mother quickly remarried and she ran a small orphanage out of their home with her new husband. For many years Vedder was misdirected to believe that the stepfather was his biological dad. Much of his later music was fueled by the angst he felt when he finally discovered the truth, including the creation of one of Pearl Jam’s earliest hit songs “Alive.” Vedder adopted his mother’s maiden name after dropping out of high school and moving to San Diego, where he soon engaged himself in Southern California’s vibrant surfing scene. He also carried with him a passion for music and popular bands like the Sex Pistols, The Who, the Ramones, and Black Flag were big influences for him. Vedder soon became a fixture at several different nightclubs. Vedder was the last member to join the band Pearl Jam after the previously constituted band lacked a singer. Vedder set to work for the band and composed three songs namely “Alive,” “Once” and “Footsteps.” He added essence to the music. When guitarist of Pearl Jam, Stone Gossard, listened to Vedder’s recordings, he immediately called him and invited him up to the city of Seattle to join the group. The way he played with chords was incredible. Pearl Jam released its first album as a band, the album was named “Ten,” and it was released in 1991. The record featured a collection of super-hit songs, including two of Vedder’s original songs “Alive” and “Once.” Additionally, it included a band single, “Jeremy,” which became a super hit too. The song was accompanied by a dramatic video that quickly gained heavy rotation on MTV and moved up the album to the top of the charts. Pearl Jam blazed a new path for a growing contingent of grunge artists along with bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden. They brought the genre to the foreground of America’s youth population. The band focused on and explored hard life components like angst, depression, and suicide. Their songs gave a voice to a new generation of teenagers and young adults, then known as Generation X. Pearl Jam continued to put out well-received albums throughout the late 1990s, but with a relatively low profile. Their albums in the ’90s included No Code in 1996, Yield and the live album Live on Two Legs in 1998, and Binaural in the year 2000. The band then released its ninth studio album Backspacer in the year 2009. Vedder married Beth Liebling, co-founder of the Seattle-based experimental instrumental group Hovercraft, in the year 1994. He and his then-wife Beth divorced in the year 2000. After that, Vedder married his longtime girlfriend named Jill McCormick in the year 2010, at a small ceremony in the Hawaiian paradise. The guest list of their wedding ceremony included singer Jack Johnson. Vedder and McCormick have two daughters named Olivia and Harper Moon.

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