Giuliana Rancic Husband, Divorce, Weight, Baby and Salary

Giuliana Rancic
Real Name Giuliana Rancic
Profession Television Personality
Nationality Italian-American
Age 45 Years 4 Month(s)
Date of Birth August 17, 1974
Birthplace Italian

Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 9 inches(175 cm)

“According to Society of Reproductive Medicine 2012’s data, the pregnancy rate of the age group 35-37 is just 37.8 and the birth rate is 31.3. Guliana’s in-vetro procedures in 2010 was likely to fail given the low rate of pregnancy and live birth rate of the age group, her low weight and skinny body configuration, and anorexic past.” – A health expert

Shortly after the miscarriage of Giuliana and Bill’s surrogate converts to  some sort of melancholic national news, it goes viral in almost American media, and other international media houses plus many local media networks all over the world covers the sad incident in their respective regions in next to no time.

International fashionista, style commentator and E! star Juliana and her entrepreneur husband Bill Rancic already have seen two miscarriages since the year 2010, one in 2010 and the recent one in 2013, or probably in January, 2014. Last year, the couple gets all-set for the coming of their next baby via the well-known surrogate method, after a kind French-born surrogate named Delphine gives birth to their first child Edward Duke Rancic on August 29, 2012.

Moreover, Juliana gives up the idea of planting embryos inside her, during the preparation of the third-invetro in 2010, after a pre-in-vetro procedure called mammogram that checks for breast cancer concludes out that she has a breast cancer.

In 2010, the couple emotionally goes for the two in-vetro fertilization procedure, after a long time of no children streak since getting married in 2007. Sadly, the first one results in a miscarriage and the second one becomes a failed pregnancy. In 2009, Juliana’s infertility issue creates lots of media buzz all over the world. Fortunately, the surrogate involved first kid Edward Duke Rancic joins the family of our lovely couple on August 29, 2012.

After that, the couple passes the remaining time of the year with their newborn, cutting back time from their respective busy schedule-to spend more and more time with the beloved son. In 2013, the happy couple decides to go for the second child, and the French surrogate is asked to carry around two embryos this time for the best chance of pregnancy.

To sum up, the couple is a true source of inspiration for millions of American couples who are struggling against severe to minor infertility issues, but the bitter reality is that only  few of them are rich like Giuliana and Bill to afford in-vetro. Anyway, the real lesson here is that every couple should learn how to be a good husband and wife like our lovebirds. Both of them said no-no to divorce even in such harsh situations, and now, they are a happy family along with their cute son Edward.

Now moving on to her physical sex appeal, people regard the style icon Giuliana as a sexy woman with a high sex appeal, due to her bright face, well maintained hair, slim banana shaped body with body measurements of 35-24-34 inches and tall height of 5 feet and nine inches working together as a team pulling the major strings during her public appearances. However, in the past, many people in U.S contradicts with the motion, and regards her as a physically unattractive diva, due to her too slim body configuration back then. Now, she has gained weight and weighs about 118 lbs. Celebrated television personality Giuliana faces criticism when the talk is about her anorexic diet plan and 0 size figure. But, everybody appreciates her toned legs.

With combined age of 83, the successful couple is one of the most rich celebrity couple of the United States. Miss USA regular host, Fashion police co-host, Managing editor of E! News and brand host of E!, Giuliana’s net worth is believed to be around 10 million U.S dollar, thanks to her 1 million salary per year from E!. Plus, adding her husband around 5 million U.S dollar net worth, the couple now enjoys a combined net worth of around 15 million U.S dollar.

Believe it or not, Juliana can even earn from source not related to television. For instance, then single woman Giuliana makes a fortune writing one of the best-selling dating book  namely “Think like a Guy” in 2006 , and later as a couple, they write a marriage easing book called “Advice from a Madly-in-love Couple.

Guessingly, the couple has got enough potential to be a future billionaire family, as they are investing in diverse investments such as television production (they own their own production company that currently produces Giuliana and Bill), fashion line (Giuliana has her own fashion line called G by Giuliana Rancic), and the couple knows a lot about real-estate investment (They have earned a huge profit just by selling their Chicago based home). Furthermore, Giuliana also partially owns, a woman’s health, beauty and fashion site.

About her past-affair with Jerry O’Connell, she dates himl in the mid 2000’s. Juliana breaks up with the actor stating that he is the one to blame for the break-up because he has serious possessive nature. The fun fact is ex-boyfriend Jerry is the one to introduce Bill and Giuliana for the first time.

To be more precise, the recent rumors citing information such as “she will be fired soon and Maria Menounos will take her place” are definitely some sort of hoaxes. The fact is that Giuliana has been the face of E! for many years now, and according to a reliable source, she will be with the channel for more time, possible 1-2 years, doing the same job that she has been doing now. It is said that Giuliana is planning to leave E! , or reduce her work at E!, to spent more time with her family and son.

Other wiki on her professional or personal life can be accessed via Wikipedia’s biography on her, and from our site’s past article on her. Also, one can connect her via the social networking sites like twitter and Instagram. To view her hot pictures, Google search will be a best option. Lastly, let’s hope that the kind French surrogate will get pregnant again, and this time, we want a girl as Ed’s sister.

Giuliana Rancic was born in Italian . Giuliana Rancic is Television Personality by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


Net Worth $8 Million Dollars


Children Edward Duke Rancic
Mirtial Status Yes

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