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Hala Gorani
Real Name Hala Gorani
Profession News Anchor (CNN International)
Nationality American
Age 51 Years 1 Month(s)
Date of Birth March 01, 1970
Birthplace America

Physical Stats

Height 5 feet and 6 inch

Hala Gorani is a CNN correspondent born on March 1, 1970, in Seattle, Washington, USA. She grew up in Paris, France. Her real name is Hala Basha- Gorani. ‘Hala’ is an Arabic name which means ‘Halo.’ Her parents are Syrian. She attended the George Mason University in Virgina and completed Bachelor of Science in Economics.

She graduated in 1995. At the beginning of her career, she worked as a reporter for La Voix Du Nord and Agence France-Presse before she was associated with France 3.

She joined Bloomberg Television but used to work for a short time. In 1988, she moved to CNN as an anchor and appeared in ‘CNN Today.’ She led the network coverage of French Presidential elections in 2002 and 2007.

Not only is her profession fun, she says, but more importantly it stimulates her intellectually. In additional to her anchoring duties, Gorani often goes into the field to report on the main breaking news stories.

In late June she was part of a small team of journalists allowed into Syria for the first time since the protests began to cover the situation there.

She previously reported extensively from Jordan and Egypt and had been instrumental in CNN’s coverage of the Arab spring. She covered major news from the Middle East, such as Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

She also included the Lebanon-Israel war during the summer in 2006 from Lebanon and honored with an Edward R. Murrow Award. She has shown her presence in World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2008 where there were

She has confirmed her presence in World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2008 where there were several business and political leaders. She is one of the famous famine journalists for the CNN TV network.

She is an official host for ‘Inside the middle east’ aired on CNN International related with several matters like traditions, politics, and common parts. She served five years for the CNN International as a reporter.

In the network she got the opportunity to cover several critical stories, cases like the livelihood of gay in the Middle East, 2010 earthquake in Haiti which earned her for the nomination in Gay and Lesbian Alliance Defamation Award and most grateful Golden Nymph Award respectively. She considered the Golden Nymph Award as her biggest achievement. Next, she journeyed to Jordan and Egypt, for that footage CNN was honored with Peabody Award 2012.

She also drove to Syria for the coverage. In 2010, Hala covered the devastating earthquake in Haiti, for which CNN’s coverage was recognized with a Golden Nymph Award, one of the highest honors in international journalism.

In her work at CNN, she interviewed several renowned religious and political people like Cara Bruno, Jimmy Carter, Dalai Lama and much more.

Although her salary is not revealed by her owner, we are sure with her great contribution she is being entertained with heavy amount whereas her net worth is also hidden.

Gorani says her interest has always been focused on the Middle East, which she believes is “going through a re-birth.” “In every re-birth, there is some contractions and pain. I think the region is going through that phase currently, and I hope this yield to something positive at the end,” she says.

CNN star anchor Hala Gorani may be a household name in the world of breaking news with a portfolio of accomplishments to make even the most veteran journalist blush, but this funny and approachable woman have built her success on a unique ability to blend compassion with a fierce resolve to find the truth.

The 46-year-old-prize-winning CNN anchor is not what you would expect. Watching Hala Gorani succinctly present the latest world news from CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, US, give live updates from a remote, war-torn part of the globe, or intellectually grill a controversial world leader, one wold be forgiven for imagining the formidable women on our screens would be much the same in person.

Informing about her personal biography, She describes herself as an independent observer whose fair and accurate contribution to the global pool of information alters this pool in a positive way.

There was a rumor of Hala marrying Lebanese singer. Her husband name is not disclosed by any sources but also there is no confirmation about the gossip.

Hala has painted her profile away from media, so we don’t have any extra information about her seeing someone called boyfriend, her affairs or divorce.

But, we can talk about her youthful looks and perfectly body shaped. She received high appreciation for her work out to maintain her body in her early age of forty.

Her beauty directly comes from her Muslim genes. She presents herself in an elegant manner on screen. Currently, she is at the age of 43, with her perfect height of five feet six inches and she still puts heels on her feet.

She is tall, smart and magnificently beautiful journalist of time. As she is big, she looks gorgeous in the skirts she outfits which appreciate the audiences with her hot legs.

It is said that she is already married, but it has not been confirmed yet. However, sources said that her husband is Lebanese Singer. Hala Gorani apart from English, she also speaks French and Arabic as well.

She has achieved several of her goals during her journalism career. She is also a famous female anchor in CNN television at present.

Many news channels want to hire Gorani in their television, although she is still serving at CNN. She now became one of the CNN’s experienced international journalists. At the moment she is an anchor and correspondent of CNN International in Atlanta.

Hala, as one of CNN’s most experienced journalists, was one of the first reporters to cover the Syrian crisis when it started to unfold back in 2011 and was part of the first small team allowed access after protests began. She is one of the talented and skilled reporter.

She has become the inspiration for the upcoming journalist. The self-built personality has earned all the fame, award, respect, and goals by her devotion and intimation for work.

But, she credited her mother’s blessing for all the achievement. In spite of her dangerous and life taking the job, she is still fond of journalism. Another network will be lucky to have her.

The quote “Beauty with Brain” suits her personality. She named American Idol as her favorite American show. She is fluent in English besides that she can fluently speak French and Arabic.

Goran says what makes her professional is her constant battle to neutralize her opinions as much as possible and to give fair representation for everyone in her reports.

“When I bring into light a problem, an issue, frustration or even something positive that is going on I positively contribute to the worldwide pool of information, and by doing so I become an active and productive member of the society,” she says.

It is that touch of humanity running through Hala that can best explain her popularity and her success. A unique gift enables her to open the eyes of the masses to see the plight of many through the stories of a few.

Hala Gorani was born in America . Hala Gorani is News Anchor (CNN International) by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


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