Heather Cox Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Heather Cox
Real Name Heather Cox
Profession Reporter
Nationality American
Age 50 Years 8 Month(s)
Date of Birth June 03, 1970
Birthplace America

Physical Stats

Height 6 ft o inch (183 cm)

Heather Cox, an American sportscaster for sideline reporting NBA, WNBA, Basketball, and football games on ESPN, ABC Sports, and NBC Olympics, whose birth name is Heather Schoeny distinguishes clearly herself from Heather Cox Richardson an author, and Heather Cox, a former head of card operation at capital one, while searching for her on the internet.

Heather Cox Personal life

Heather was born on June 3, 1970, in Jonesville, North Carolina, USA. Her parents’ information is not much available except her mother’s name is Alyson Schoeny who told that Heather Schoeny kept making her surprised by her sports playing, and this was published in the Los Angeles Times on Feb 23, 1988.

Heather Cox Education

Schoeny got her education from the University of Pacific where she also got a scholarship for playing volleyball at the same university in 1988. Until 1991, through her captainship in the team led to the national ranking of Top Five; reaching the final four and becoming a runner-up in the national championship in 1990. She graduated with a major in mass communication from the University in 1992.

Sports commentator and journalist, Heather Cox is now 44 years of age and during her high school days, she used to play soccer, softball, and basketball too besides volleyball.

So much passion and interest in sports from her young age made her today one of the best Sportscasters on the world’s renowned sports channels. This became possible from her blend of journalism skills and athletic background.

Heather Cox Career

After her graduation, she began her broadcasting career by joining as a broadcast analyst on the Fox sports net channel in 1993, and the next year, she became the Sports analyst on ESPN covering many men’s and women’s NCCA volleyball and basketball championships where she also used to play earlier which made her more natural and authentic while listening to her commentator.

Furthermore, she started her work in ABC sports also in 1995. Similarly, on different occasions like “Good Will Games “ for Tuner Sports in 1988 and 2001, in which she severed as a reporter and an analyst. After then, in 2002 she reported on the NBA playoffs.

Heather Cox Media

Besides these, she even became a columnist for the Pac-10 conference writing columns weekly for national volleyball. She got to serve as an analyst for Oxygen-media coverage of the WNBA. During the 2008 Summer Olympics, she has severed as a reporter for Beach volleyball on NBC, which made her presence more in the commentator field of sports.

Heather Cox Family

Regarding her personal and family life, she is married, and her husband’s name is Bill Cox, and she is undoubtedly a hot feminine with her presence of the authentic, natural voice as a commentator of sports which indeed makes every listener spellbound.

Heather Cox bio

Some of the details of professional and personal biography can be viewed on Wikipedia and other sites as well. In wiki feet, her legs are rated as nice feet, and which size of the shoes she wears seems not to be mentioned. She is very hot on the screen and is in her best figure and shape.

Heather Cox Height

She might be of a height of some 5 feet 11 inches or nearly 6 feet tall. Her body measurements are not available right now on the internet. Hopefully, in the days to come, we can know about it, but for now, we all know she is a super delicious, super-hot on the set, lovely to watch her and hear her voice.

Gorgeous and pretty damn looking hot sports reporter Heather Cox even has received the E. Douglas Media Recognition Award 2004 USA Volleyball.

So much hope and future fame we could expect from her if she continues to be a part of the show and the show must go on. She can be updated with her recent news, videos, pictures, and her activities in sports from her Twitter online: Twitter

Also, her Facebook as follows: Facebook

Heather Cox was born in America . Heather Cox is Reporter by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


Children Two Children
Mirtial Status Yes

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