Jade McCarthy Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Jade McCarthy - Biography
Real Name Jade McCarthy
Profession News Anchor (ESPN)
Nationality American
Age (Age 35-36)
Date of Birth 1978 - 1979

Physical Stats

Height 5' 6” inch.

ESPN News Anchor and former host of NESN’s NESN Daily, Jade McCarthy, joined ESPN in September 2012. The moment was very special for her because she always wanted to work for ESPN.

And before joining ESPN, she had become the first woman sportscaster in the history of Philadelphia’s major television by joining NBC-10 in 2005. After NBC-10, she joined NESN, and after NESN, she joined ESPN.

She progressed wherever she worked. Before joining NESN, she had already won many Emmy awards while at NBC-10’s WCAU in Philadelphia. Her achievements at NESN are overwhelming as well.

She worked at NESN for one year from 2010 to 2011. She joined NESN as a part-time host and reporter for Sports Desk.

After Sports Desk, she got to host her own show NESN Daily, which because of her hard work became one of the top-rated shows in the New England area. But even before NBC-10, NESN and ESPN, she had worked for WGGB-TV and NBC affiliate WAAF in Massachusetts.

Born in Newton, Massachusetts, Jade McCarthy’s exact birthday is an untold secret. She likes to keep her personal life concealed.

But guessing by her work achievements, marriage date, looks and information found on the web and different journals written on her, she is probably in her mid 30’s. Jade’s personality and her perfect hourglass shaped body with good looks have always been successful to attract millions of viewers in her shows.

Her craze for sports is appreciated by millions of her fans worldwide. Her love for Baseball and understanding of all major sports was her secret weapon to success. She started developing an interest in sports since her childhood.

She even competed for horse riding for almost ten years. While at university, she used the opportunity to learn about journalism even after journalism wasn’t her major subject. She was majoring politics at Mount Holyoke College.

During her first semester at Mount, she took a seminar course in journalism. She enjoyed the course and even her professor North Carin was extremely happy by Jade’s extreme knowledge of sports.

With encouragement from North Carin and her Godfather Richard to peruse her dreams, she makes her mind to be a successful sportscaster.

When she left Philadelphia and moved to NESN in New England, her Philly fans were heartbroken. But, it was her marriage which brought her back to Philadelphia. Her husband name is Gordan Stead, and they have a kid together.

In early 2011, she gets pregnant and brainstorms about her plans to take care of her upcoming child. Luckily, her husband gets a job in Philadelphia, where the couple’s home is located. She left NESN and moves to Philadelphia to build her family.

When she was on television, she was highly remembered by her fans. At that time, the internet was full of posts requesting Jade to join television soon.

Jade as well, fulfilled the wish of her fans moving to the big level. The big level was ESPN, where is joined in 2012. After joining ESPN, she realized ESPN was more famous than other of her past workplaces.

But the job at ESPN never troubled her because she had every bit of experience of reporting/anchoring sports with amazing journalism skills like good analytical skills, good argumentative and reasoning abilities, and impressive body movements and may more.

Although her exact height is undisclosed, by analyzing from her pictures and videos, her height probably lies in the range  5 feet and 3 inches to 5 feet and 6 inches.

Like many female anchors in the United States, she wears short skirts for her shows. And for her upper part of the body, she generally wears a tight top that highlights her big breasts.

She is generally taken as a perfect example of the quote “sexy woman with class” because she is well-behaved, easy-going, articulate and extremely sexy regarding physical sex appeal.

Plus her craze for sports is a plus point in proving how hot she looks when talking about sports. It’s no wonder; her male to female fan ration is high.

Many people have wondered about Jade’s tattoo, which according to numerous online rumors is located on her left foot. Anyway, the rumors can’t be verified.

Anyway, talking about her legs now, they are equally famous in compared to any other NFL player. Her legs are meaty in a toned manner, and her white skin tone gives glowing looks to her hot shapely legs.

This question may sound hypothetical, but if she isn’t sexy, then who is? With those perfect looks and deep knowledge of sports plus charming personality, she is the hottest person alive in our earth.

Plus, she cares for her family and work equally.

She is totally happy from her married life. The recent rumors on her divorce are nothing but hoaxes.

Jade McCarthy was born in . Jade McCarthy is News Anchor (ESPN) by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.

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