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Jay Mariotti
Profession Commentator
Nationality American
Age 61 Years 9 Month(s)
Date of Birth June 22, 1959
Birthplace American

Jay Mariotti was born in June 22, 1959 in Piitsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is best known as sportswriter and broadcaster. He is the host of Jay Mariotti Show as well as broadcast the internet venture. He is the former columnist of Chicago Sun Times. He has also worked as a panelist in Around the Horn which is the ESPN’s show.

Firstly, he worked as a sports columnist for The Detroit News in early 1980s. He shifted his work to Denver Post. He debuted in writing in 2009 when he first uses his en for AOL Sports. He is most probably the only one sport columnists whose work has gone wild and read by the people all over the world. He also got opportunity to work in ESPN. After joining this company, his popularity increased tremendously. Though this fact remains, he was fired in 2010 as he was arrested on charges for the drug abuse. Currently, he is working on his own website with the radio show “The Mariotti Show” which is under the supervision of Genesis Communications.

His longest career remained with the Sun Times. He resigned from this company in 2008 after the long relationship of 17 years. He answered about his resignation as many people nowadays read articles from websites rather than from the newspaper. Sun Times employees noted the time of his departure as one of the best writers left the company in which they worked for a long period of time.

Though his writings have been popular among the people of all age groups, he has also been handled for many legal issues. He was arrested for the suspicion of domestic violence against his girlfriend. Because of this reason, he was suspended from AOL for a short period of time. He got 3 years of probation, 52 weeks of domestic violence course as well as 40 days of community service.

There have been some disagreements between Ozzie Guillen and Mariotti. Chicago White Sox manager Guillen criticized and commented unnecessarily. Because of this fact, he was also fined and he later apologized to Mariotti as well. He said that he felt very sorry for what he has commented to Mariotti. He also added that he did not have anything against anyone. If he has said that in his country, it would not be any great deal. But he did not know that it will affect somebody from that comment. There are some gossips that their relation has been good these days.

He is known to be a tall guy with the height of 5 feet 9 inches. He has been dating and having affair with many girls in public places. Though he was a married person with wife and children, he is having affair with other girls after his divorce. He is one of the successful columnists in the history. Because of his regular and intense work, he has made his fortune as well. He has the net worth of $15 million including his annual salary as well. He is also a great surfer. His surfing skills can be seen in YouTube as well.

He is also popular in social sites. He has made his presence in twitter, Facebook as well as in Instagram. He has the large number of followers in twitter. At the age of 55 also, he has been conducting his roles effectively. If you want to get more knowledge about him, you can visit wiki as well as other internet sources.

was born in American . is Commentator by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


Net Worth $500 Thousand Dollars

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