Julie Banderas Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Julie Banderas
Real Name Julie Banderas
Profession American television news anchor
Nationality American
Age 49 years old
Date of Birth 25 September 1973

Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 5 inches (approx)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown

One of the prominent news anchors of America, Julie Baderas got astronomical popularity in America after joining the Fox News Channel when she was 32 years of age as a general assignment reporter. Now, when she is 40, she is internationally recognized as a veteran Fox anchor as well as one of the important corresponded of the channel.

She is especially known as one of the anchor for America’s News Headquarter and Fox Report Weekend. Moreover, she is generally regarded as a complete package of a woman. It’s no secret that the Fox News Channel shows more legs any other Network in the United States. Especially when Julie is live on-screen, one can expect to see her exotic long legs flaunting.

She usually wears short skirts for her shows. Now moving on to her body measurements, her breast size is 36, her waist size is 25, her hip size is 36. Anyway, talking about her looks, she is famous for her exotic skin complexion, flaring dark eyes, raven black hair, soft skin, and camel thighs bursting out of her short skirts.  Despite being 40 years old, she is still recognized for her beauty. Her hourglass shaped body is extremely hot and attractive. Her legs and thighs are meaty in a balance way.

She may not be that tall with the height of 5 feet and 4 inches but she looks perfectly sexy with her hourglass shaped body plus sweet-girl look. Especially, her lower parts of body are simply perfect. So if you see, “Julie got a J-lo Booty or Julie got a nice pretty round bottom” sorts of posts while surfing online and finding wiki about her, then don’t get surprised because they are true.  Plus, she is result oriented and confident on taking interviews and also, can talk about a subject or a news with an amazing flow.

When she is delivering news, she will give you news in detail adding up her sense of humor. So, there is a saying that if you say you watch the Fox News Channel just because you are a follower of conservative, there is a high chance you are not telling the truth. Humor apart, millions of people in America craves her natural beauty and anchoring abilities. Plus, she has got those extremely magnetic big breasts which attract even fellow male news anchors and they can stop looking at her assets when they are sitting by her side.

In 2010, the American entertainment media industry as well as social networking sites was flooded with rumors about Julie getting demoted soon. Some rumors back then also suggested she was getting fired. Because she was having an affair with a married photographer of the Fox News Channel. A photograph is said to be a source of this rumors, but these photographs can’t be found on the internet. Therefore, these rumors are probably hoaxes.

But in reality, what happened is, she took a maternity leave in 2010 and joined the channel again near the end of 2010. For some time, viewers didn’t know why she left. This created immense speculations which created so much of rumors about her personal life. After joining the channel, she is again with FNC as a general news correspondent. At first talking about her relationship status, recent rumors about her divorce are also hoaxes.

In fact, she is happily married to her loving husband Andrew J Sansone with two daughters namely Addison Mellisa and Avery Julie. The family currently resides in New York. The couple is almost like inseparable. They are totally in love and from the way Andrew proposed her for marriage with a message in a bottle when they were doing calm digging on Long Island, one can guess how romantic Andrew is and how intimate their relationship is. Sometime, rumors just cross the line and harms personal space of celebrities without any proofs and it shouldn’t be that way. She is extremely famous in social networking sites like twitter.

And why shouldn’t she be? She is educated, good looking, famous, hardworking and confident. On top of that, despite being pregnant for two times until now as well despite being on her 40’s, she stills looks hot and sexy. She likes to take care of her body especially her shiny legs and follows different exercise routines and diet plans. For further info about her career, just go to the Wikipedia’s biography on her. For her pictures, just prefer Google search. – See more at: https://unapix.com/gossip/julie-banderas-hot-legs-and-feet.html#sthash.IoBedym3.dpuf

Julie Banderas was born in . Julie Banderas is American television news anchor by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.

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