Julie Martin Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Julie Martin
Real Name Julie Martin
Profession Meteorologist
Nationality American
Age Not Known
Date of Birth 1981
Birthplace America

Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 3 inches

Associated with The weather channel for almost 8 years now, Julie Martin, a Rockford Illinois Native,  has proved herself to be one of the most versatile and consistent weather meteorologists by covering the country’s most extreme weather conditions.


This biography-type article will focus more on her almost 20 years old professional career, her personality, and her physical sex appeal.

Firstly, talking about her professional career, she has worked in different types of television networks from small and popular local channels to big and reputed national channels. But it was at CNN Atlanta in 1994, where she gained her first working experience writing and producing newscasts. She had joined CNN as per the internship program at Augustana College.

After their full-time job at CNN for 3 years, she left CNN although CNN offered her a promotion because she wanted to pursue her career in television reporting.

Because no on-camera job was available on CNN, she joined Florence S.C to work as a medical reporter. After working at Florence and also at a CBS affiliate for three years, she joins CLTV as a freelancer in Chicago to get closer to home.

She works at WGN-TV, a CLTV flagship station for two years. After that, she also works in Milwaukee and Los Angeles as a reporter covering everything from the Michael Jackson trial to wildfires.

While freelancing at WGN-TV, she couldn’t ignore the ‘The weather channel’ offer to hire her as a reporter to handle feature-type stories. So, she joins the channel in 2006. At this moment, she gets enough popularity given the fact that she was hired by one of the most prominent weather channels despite not having a weather background.


She holds a bachelor’s degree in communication from Augustana College in 1994. She knew that she required a good weather education to sustain herself at two. So she joins Mississippi State University in 2005 and gets a certificate in broadcast meteorology from the university in 2011.

From the fact that she worked full-time at two and earned a broadcast certificate from the Mississippi State University, one can easily guess how much she loves her job and working in television.

Plus, this also proves she is a dedicated and hard-working person who can do anything to follow her dreams.

But at first, she wanted to peruse a career in Arts. The internship at CNN changed her entire career plan and allowed her to explore her reporting interests. Moreover, she was also into dancing at an early age. She joined Rockford Dance Company when she was 15.

Nevertheless, she was also on the cheerleading squad at Winnebago high school. She graduated from the school in 1990. It is also said that she has a deep interest in photography.

Body measurement

Talking about her physical sex appeal, she is considered one of the hottest-weather women in America. She has got very slim figures.

Her body can be classified somewhere between the inverted triangle and hourglass-shaped body category. Her height is 5 feet and 3 inches. Born in 1981, she is now 33 years of age.

She indeed has even legs. Moreover, she was born with a birth defect called amniotic band syn­drome, a congenital disorder that prevents fetal parts, usually a limb or fingers, from fully developing while in the womb.

She was a tough child because she underwent many surgeries in her childhood, plus fellow children would tease her just because of her hands in her childhood.

But these hard situations made her strong in life and motivated her to be the best in everything.


Now, moving on to her personality, she is easy to talk to person who is extremely friendly and supportive.

She is always confident in what she does and wears clothes that make her comfortable.  Many people in the past criticized her for being too skinny and slim but now, she has gained some weight and her legs seem nicely toned as well.

Therefore, it would not take a smart person to figure out whether she is sexy or not. Just, check out her pictures on the internet or her videos on YouTube, and find for yourself how appealing and sexually attractive she is.

Social Signals

She is a public figure on Facebook and her likes exceed more than 10 thousand in number. That means, many people follow her on Facebook to get weather stats and other info from her. On her Facebook page, one can find her recent posts about EPA.

Because there are some famous persons with the name Julie Martin, one will surely get confused when finding info about her on the internet. Other popular people with the name Julie Martin include Julie Martin, an American television writer and producer, Julie Martin, 1197 winner of Miss Northern Island, Dr. Julie Martin, an MD from LA, and Julie Martin, a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbors.

Other, well-known personalities with the name Julie Martin are Julie Martin, a popular makeup artist from Minneapolis, and Julie Martin, Director of Brahmani yoga from Goa, India.

Anyway, Twc’s Julie is not like the pompous gossip woman, Julie Martin from the show Neighbors.

Rather, she is well-behaved and always professional during her work hours. To get more wiki about the on-camera meteorologist/reporter, Julie Martin’s professional career.

Personal life

Now, moving on to her personal life, when she is not tracking storms, she likes to spend time with her husband John who is a senior producer at CNN. The love birds got married in late 2011 and their baby daughter, born in 2012, named is HartleeGrace.

Concluding the biography/article, one can learn many important points from her life such as believing in yourself and working hard to make your dreams come true.

Julie Martin was born in America . Julie Martin is Meteorologist by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


Children HartleeGrace
Mirtial Status Yes