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Kelly Cass
Real Name Kelly Cass

One of a weather channel hotties of United States, Kelly Cass, can explain anything about weather in and out. She has rich knowledge of meteorology and weather with rich education background.  She has A.S. in communication from Dutchess community, B.A in communication from Adelphi University, Certificate of broadcast meteorology, Mississippi State University.

Since 2000, she has been on The Weather channel and it looks like they will never get rid of her because they admire her a lot. She is a fun, straight forward, very hot and sexy woman with beautiful backside, cute lips, sexy eyes and beautiful hair.

You should see her how hot she looks when she wears short mid-thigh skirt and knee-high boots to do the weather. I bet she looks delicious than Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Her birth-date is 27th November, 1973 and that makes her 40 years old now.

She stands tall with the height of 5’8” feet. Now she comes in Weather Center live in The Weather Channel and is on-camera meteorologist for The weather Channel.

Wikipedia doesn’t give much information about her and there isn’t enough information about her on internet as well. So, this biography will focus on her personal life along with her professional life in detail.

She is multi-talented. She likes playing soccer, tennis and softball. I guess she can kick ass of monstrous storm like “Blizzard of ‘93” with her red belt of Tae Kwon Do which she obtained when she was in Korea.

That was a joke but a serious fact is since her childhood she is serious about study of meteorology and weather. She decides to make career in TV weather journalism after her first TV job at WRGB as the morning weekday meteorologist which she later holds for 7 years.

She loves meteorology while her work at WRGB-TV so much that she d takes more meteorology courses and later joins The Weather Channel in January 2000.  Before WRGB- TV and The weather Channel, she works at WTZA-TV (now WRNN) as associate producer and later weeknight weather-caster. She is also tied with CTV channel since 2000.

She gets paid enormously for her work at The Weather Channel obliviously.  But now there is a rumor that her days at TWC are decreasing because she is on her 40s and TV based weather channel aren’t doing well because of access of real-time weather information on internet. It’s oblivious that profit of TWC is decreasing as people are switching to internet for weather information. But we are confident that despite of her age she will get good job anywhere she goes due to her experience and weather knowledge.

Her work won her many awards like NWA Seal of Approval, AMS Seal of Approval, Certificate of International Study, Seoul South Korea and most notable of her awards is New York State Boradcasting award for “Best Storm Coverage, The Blizzard of ‘93” while working at WRGB-TV. The “Blizzard of ‘93” is also known as the storm of the century.

She likes winter more than any other season. As native Poughkeepsie, she likes to see lake effect snow bands around Great the Great lakes during winter. She loves skiing and tubing , wearing her favorite sweater and coats that she hasn’t worn for a while, spending time with her family and enjoying a comfort food like a good bowl of hot soup and grilled cheese or hot coca with lots of marshmallows  Yummy like her, are these foods?  She also loves tracking tropical storms and severe storms and helping people prepare for those storms.

She is a married woman and has three kids. She lives in New York along with her husband, three kids and their family dog hobby. She keeps her personal life private to the extreme level that we even don’t know name of her husband nor the three kids.

There was a rumor in 2012 that Kelly Cass is pregnant again but nobody verified the news.
You can connect her on twitter as @Kellycass and you can view her hot pictures just by typing Kelly Cass pictures via Google or you can watch her in Weather Channel Live. I say her coverage of Sandy is also one of her career notable coverage. If we find any wiki about her, you will share to you folks. Thank you.

Kelly Cass was born in . Kelly Cass is by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.

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