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Kelly Evans
Real Name Kelly Evans

CNBC hires a beautiful and talented Kelly Evans in 2012, recognizing her experience on financial and economical reporting and her journalism skills. This is the biography of an American journalist and co-anchor of the famous show Closing Bell on the CNBC business news channel, Kelly Evans.

Closing Bell is a unique show brought up by CNBC which name is derived from the bell that is rung at the end of a trading season on the New York Stock Exchange at 4 :00PM E.S.T. CNBC added her to its Closing Bell anchor list to strengthen its analysis of last hours of trading in the US Stock market.

The show usually covers closing bells of the NYSE and NASDAQ Stock market at 4pm ET. The main reason for CNBC to appoint her was her long work experience of reporting on stocks which she earned while at Wall Street Journal. CNBC also analyzed her work at CNBC Europe’s, London (2012-2013) and decided to move her to the headquarters in New Jersey to co-host Closing Bell recognizing her potential.

At WSJ from 2007-2011, she works as a reporter/columnist/ host covering economics, stocks and real estate. She gets so popular by working in Wall Street Journal that she gets invited as a frequent guest on television and radio networks. WSJ makes her one of its most preferred air-head. She is also popular for taking interviews with economist and businessmen. She is good with numbers and economics. Her interview with media Tycoon Donald Trump is still famous on internet.

Talking about her personal life, she was born in Hartford Connecticut on July 17, 1985 in a middle class family with Caucasian ethnic background. She was not only smart as a kid but she was also into sports professionally. She earned reputed eight letters for lacrosse, cross-country and track at Rockbridge County High School.

Not only this, she was also awarded with a four-year full scholarship called George Washington Honor Scholar for her achievements in sports. For impressive 4 times, she has won athletic scholarship in her academic history. She graduated in broadcast journalism from Washington and LEE University in Virgina, USA.

Her relationship status is probably single as the media has no information on her relationship status. So, one can assume that she hasn’t married anyone till today. All the rumors about her having a secret husband aren’t verifiable.

She is a single woman and definitely hasn’t gone through any divorce procedure. Even if she has a husband or a boyfriend, she doesn’t and wouldn’t like to open up her personal life in the media and therefore, we would always know less about her relationship status.

She is a beauty with brains plus her body is quite athletic. The credit to her gorgeous slender figure and physique goes to her university and college days when she was one of the reputed and star sportswomen then.

She has been co-captain of the women’s lacrosse team (First Team All-State, a First-Team All-ODAC and a First Team All-Region Selection).  She has a pretty chubby face and many people take her as a cute woman who knows and talks about business stuffs.  Her blue colored eyes surely deserve attention from people plus she has smooth and beautiful looks. She stands tall with the height of 5 feet and 10 inches.

Her hot and beautiful legs and thighs are something to be admired of. She is now 28 years of age and she is in the verge of success of her career after joining CNN. She is taken as the replacement for the famous former CNBC host Erin Burnett. She knows what she is talking about and always goes with lots of preparation to her work.

There are no major controversies about her. At one time while she was anchoring at CNBC, she apologizes to viewers because of airing a song with N-word during the pre-commercial time. Her recent article One Nation, Dangerously Divided is an example of her excellent journalism skills.

The article is highly recommended for those who want to understand the unemployment situation in the United States. @Kelly_Evans is her twitter tweeting name. She has a huge fan following at twitter. Her fans love her so much that they have created a fan group called Kelly’s heros where they post her photos and video clips.

In the past, she has many times said that this level of publicity has made her uncomfortable in many occasions. She is also a member of a national leadership society called Omicron Delta Kappa. On the website of Omicron, Kelly’s article named “Kelly Evans ’07: How to Succeed in Television” can be viewed.

In the article she writes, she first worked in the field of finance as the part of her internship procedure of W&L University. In the article she further writes, she later decided to cover the field of finance instead of living it because of her interests.

Her decision proves to be right as time passes and she gets landed at Wall Street Journal. The major factor responsible for bringing her close to broadcast journalism would be the show “News Hub” which she hosted on WSJ.Com.

While she was working as an economist reporter at WSJ, the “NewsHub” project kicks in and she grabs the opportunity realizing her interest and skills in broadcast journalism.

By analyzing her biography, one can learn how a person should decide what to do in life exploring different opportunities and understanding own interests. People like her and what she has done in her career till now.

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